Ep. 50 – Harmik Cacace

Let’s talk about pandemic pregnancy, saying “no”, small business finance and twitchy travel feet with Harmik Cacace from Blue Skies Accounting.
Harmik Cacace guest on City Girl Talks

Harmik Cacace specializes in providing small businesses and entrepreneurs with down-to-earth accounting advice that will give them greater clarity and peace of mind. She has a decade of experience in accounting and over five years of experience managing finances for small businesses. Connect with her on Instagram or on her website

In this episode, small business accountant Harmik Cacace is back for some girl talk about pandemic pregnancy and moving, what we’re looking forward to when we can properly travel again, and being okay with saying “no”. For anyone like myself who has jumped feet- or head-first into entrepreneurship and working for yourself this year, Harmik also shares some key tips for keeping your small business finance ducks in a row. (Recorded August 26, 2020)

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