City Girl Talks

City Girl Talks is a podcast about the real, fun and in-between things in life that every city girl needs and wants to know about. In every episode I — Yasmine from West Coast City Girl — sit down with an inspiring friend or female thought leader to shine a light on their accomplishments and share candid girl talk about their journey so far. Knowledge is power ladies, so grab a glass or cup of something lovely and tune in for some girl talk!

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If you’re an expert (or know someone who is) in a field or topic that women need/want to hear about, and want to sit down for some girl talk, click here or shoot me an email at citygirltalks.podcast [at] gmail [dot] com I’d love to hear from you!

In particular, if you happen to be a subject matter expert or certified in any of the following topics:

  • Running a small (or big!) business
  • Personal development
  • Holistic nutrition
  • Financial planning
  • Small business law
  • Women’s health 
  • Skincare


City Girl Talks is a podcast geared towards women of all ages, in particular to fellow cusp millennials in their mid-to-late-30s. Please send advertising and sponsorship inquiries to citygirltalks.podcast [at] gmail [dot] com — I look forward to hearing from you!

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