• Blogger Yasmine Hardcastle enjoying breakfast with a view at the Fairmonrt Vancouver Airport Hotel

    Pandemic Travel: My Stay at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel

    Do you have a bucket list? I do and I recently got to check something lovely off: I treated myself to a stay at the Fairmont Vancouver Airport Hotel (a.k.a. the Fairmont YVR). It's where I spent my last 48 hours in Canada before making the big move to England. Read on for my review of this luxe experience and why it's 100% value for money — especially in COVID times.

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    Ep. 37 – Danielle Wiebe

    In this episode, my guest is Business Babes Collective founder Danielle Wiebe. We dig deep into values and faith, the power of community, and Danielle shares the experience of shifting her business to a digital platform during the pandemic.

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    Ep. 31: Suka Lang, R. Ac.

    This week's guest is my acupuncturist, the lovely Suka Lang. In this episode, Suka shares her experiences with cultural identity struggles, leaving home at 15, and the lessons she's learned as she went from professional dancer to wellness entrepreneur. She also shares how her clinic will serve the community as businesses open up again in BC, and some tips for wellness at home during COVID-19.