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    Ep. 19 – Lindsay Dent

    Let’s talk about mindfulness, eating on time and why the hard choices will ultimately lead to our happiness. On the podcast this week is my lovely friend Lindsay Dent, host of the ‘Have You Met Her Yet?’ podcast and founder of branding company Pink Crown Creative. We chat mindfulness and wellness, growing up in the corporate world and our love/hate relationship with Instagram. We also get deep into what makes us happy and how the hard choices are often the ones that lead to our ultimate happiness—plus a random tangent on float pods. (Have you tried them?) Lindsay has been in the sales and marketing industry for almost 15 years.…

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    Ep. 4 – Dylan McCansh

    Let’s talk about resilience, rent or buy, nourishing female relationships and being an extroverted introvert. On another recent lightning-quick trip to Vancouver (to see Elton John!), I had a chance to sit down with real estate dynamo and fellow yogi, Dylan McCansh. Dylan shares her thoughts on rent vs. buy in Vancouver, why female relationships are so important for women, and why she’s grateful for her resilience. We also touch on why everything IS figureoutable—thank you Marie Forleo! A fellow born-and-raised Vancouverite, Dylan is a business owner, avid writer, walker, talker and dog lover. Her story is really inspiring and she’s an inspiration for anyone who might be going through a…

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    Ep. 3 – Meredith Garritsen

    Let’s talk about building community, NOT keeping up with the cool kids, and growing as a leader. When I was last in Vancouver, I popped into Hervana Coworking Collective to to get some work done, and settled in for some girl talk with Hervana founder, Meredith Garritsen. Hervana is an environment for female entrepreneurs to accelerate their success through community— and I love to spend time there. We chatted about building community, NOT keeping up with the cool kids, and learning to be a leader of grace (she tells a fantastic story we can all relate to!). I say “like” more than I’d prefer, Meredith and I both need to get…

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    City Girl Connects: Amanda Hemmaway from iDance Vancouver

    I love to dance. Having spent ages two through eighteen taking tap, jazz, ballet, and musical theatre lessons, dance has very special place in my heart. Which is why I was thrilled to do a City Girl Connects interview with iDance Vancouver owner and former professional ballerina, Amanda Hemmaway, to talk about why dance is important, the mission of iDance, and why everything should be seen as an opportunity to learn. 0

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    City Girl Connects: How Going to a Coworking Space Saved My Sanity

    It’s #EntrepreneursDay and Global Entrepreneurs’ Week! I still don’t know that I would classify myself as such, but I am surrounded by some amazing female entrepreneurs that inspire and motivate me every day. Meredith Garritsen at Hervana is one of those inspirations, and not only is she good people, she has the dubious honour of having helped me save my sanity the week before we moved to Victoria. (She’s also given a great prize for the contest at the end of this post!) 0

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    Commuter Life in Vancouver is Just Like Riding a Bike

    Confession: Until this summer, I hadn’t ridden a (non-spin) bicycle in about 20(!) years. So you know that expression, “It’s just like riding a bike…”? I pretty much had no frame of reference. Aside from that, I am the poster child Vancouver urban commuter.  So imagine my delight when I got the invitation to be a beta-tester for the now launched multimodal app, Cowlines, but then my utter horror when they suggested doing a photo shoot featuring me in my urban commuter #westcoastcitygirl glory… riding a bike. Eek. 0