• Janis Wildy on City Girl Talks

    Ep. 58 – Janis Wildy

    Let's talk about writing a novel, England, and following your dreams with Seattle-based author Janis Wildy. Have a listen for some writing resources, top tips for writing your first novel and our joy of all things English.

  • Claire Lindsay City Girl Talks

    Ep. 57 – Claire Lindsay

    Let's talk about figuring out what makes you happy, personal development, and having fun in life with voiceover artist and digital nomad Claire Lindsay. It's an episode where I catch up with one of my absolute favourite people. Our Libra-Saggitarius connection is as strong as it ever was and it's an episode filled with laughter and fun. We chat personal…

  • Meredith Garritsen City Girl Talks

    Ep. 56 – Meredith Garritsen

    The podcast is back and Meredith Garritsen from the Hervana Coworking Collective is back to help me start back up in style! In this episode, Meredith shares how she's navigated recent life changes, how she finds joy in the new and a special New York moment.

  • Podcast

    Ep. 55 – Lindsay Dent

    Lindsay Dent from Have You Met Her Yet? podcast is back for another round of girl talk. In this episode we decompress the last year of pandemic living, and chat entrepreneurship, passions and expectation vs. reality.

  • Podcast

    Ep. 54 – Kellie Inglis

    Let's unblock our chakras with the energy of colour! In this episode, Kellie Inglis from Soul Restyled is back and we get deep and geeky about clothing colours, the chakras they relate to, and what we're looking forward to this year.

  • Podcast

    Ep. 51 – Leeann Froese

    PR maven and wine lover Leeann Froese is back for some more girl talk! In this episode, we talk about wine (of course!), supporting small business, pandemic PR, finding balance and California dreaming.