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    Ep. 55 – Lindsay Dent

    Lindsay Dent from Have You Met Her Yet? podcast is back for another round of girl talk. In this episode we decompress the last year of pandemic living, and chat entrepreneurship, passions and expectation vs. reality.

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    Ep. 48 – Anita Dunn

    Let's talk about dating after divorce, single motherhood, pandemic entrepreneurship and the power of community with Anita Dunn from the Mila + Paige boutique in New Westminster, BC.

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    Ep. 31: Suka Lang, R. Ac.

    This week's guest is my acupuncturist, the lovely Suka Lang. In this episode, Suka shares her experiences with cultural identity struggles, leaving home at 15, and the lessons she's learned as she went from professional dancer to wellness entrepreneur. She also shares how her clinic will serve the community as businesses open up again in BC, and some tips for wellness at home during COVID-19.

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    Ep. 6 – Jana Josue-MacLaren

    Let’s talk about burnout, photography, how you aren’t always ready for your own energy, and why it’s important to be yourself. This week’s guest is photographer Jana Josue-MacLaren. Based in Vancouver, Jana loves to work with natural light and photograph people to create images that communicate their most authentic selves. Knowing from a young age that she wanted to be a teacher, Jana thought her path was very clear. But suffering from burnout created an interesting shift that made following her side-hustle dreams a necessity—and she’s rocking it. We chat about being cluttered, being yourself, career changes, and how you aren’t always ready for your own energy. She also shares…

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    City Girl Connects: Amanda Hemmaway from iDance Vancouver

    I love to dance. Having spent ages two through eighteen taking tap, jazz, ballet, and musical theatre lessons, dance has very special place in my heart. Which is why I was thrilled to do a City Girl Connects interview with iDance Vancouver owner and former professional ballerina, Amanda Hemmaway, to talk about why dance is important, the mission of iDance, and why everything should be seen as an opportunity to learn.