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    Ep. 57 – Claire Lindsay

    Let’s talk about figuring out what makes you happy, personal development, and having fun in life with voiceover artist and digital nomad Claire Lindsay. In this episode, I catch up with one of my absolute favourite people, voiceover artist and actor Claire Lindsay. It’s been a while since we had a proper catch-up, but our Libra-Saggitarius connection is as strong as it ever was. It’s an episode filled with laughter and fun, where we chat personal development, yoga, surviving divorce and changing the relationship we have with our finances. Claire Lindsay is a Canadian actor, voiceover artist, adventure seeker, and entrepreneur who has been passionately following a path of spiritual…

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    Ep. 32 – Sarah Ives

    In this episode, I catch up with my lovely friend Sarah Ives about ex-pat life in London, the travel industry and finding ourselves after grief. We also chat COVID-19 motherhood, cooking and finances. Sarah also shares her experience with fertility and the difficult medical decision she had to make during her second pregnancy (40:20-57:00).

  • Travel

    13 Fun Facts About Wales

    While we were in the UK, in December, the Brit and I spent a few days road tripping through Wales. So in honour of St. David's Day (the Welsh national holiday), here are 13 fun and random facts about Wales!

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    2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Travellers

    We leave for the UK in less than a month, and I officially have Christmas and travel on the brain. Aside from some travel toiletries, I’m all set with what I need for the our trip. (I’m also done my Christmas shopping – woot!) But Black Friday and Cyber Monday have got me thinking about what I or any of my travel friends would feel fortunate to see under the tree or in our stockings. So here’s a little gift guide – clicking on any of the images will bring you to their respective shops.