Ep. 49 – Tracy Castro & Jayda Khan

Let’s talk about skincare, hand sanitizer, mother-daughter entrepreneurship, and standing up for yourself with business duo Tracy Castro and Jayda Khan from Ativo Skincare.
Tracy Castro Jayda Khan Ativo Skincare

Tracy Castro and Jayda Khan are the mother-daughter duo behind Ativo Skincare, a Vancouver-based clean beauty brand. Natural skincare is their passion and kindness is their ethos.

Connect with Ativo Skincare on Instagram and visit the Ativo shop.

October 18-24 is Small Business Week and on this last day of that, I’m thrilled to share this episode featuring the mother-daughter team of Ativo Skincare, Tracy Castro and her daughter Jayda Khan.

(Recorded September 9, 2020)

In this round of girl talk, we chat about:

  • Natural skincare + Tracy teaches me about hyaluronic acid 
  • Working as a mother-daughter team
  • Standing up to social media bullies 
  • Hand sanitizer
  • How the positives outweigh the negative
  • Getting screeched in — a Newfie tradition!

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Ativo Skincare is one of my favourite small businesses, with amazing skincare products that have saved my skin. This is not a sponsored episode, I just love this female-owned, Vancouver-based company! Ativo products I love: 

Book(s) we talk about in this episode:

October Book Club Selection: The October book selection for the Cup of Something Lovely Book Club is Five Little Indians by Cree author Michelle Good. You can buy it on Amazon or Indigo or download the e- or audiobook from your local library. 

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