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    The Wellness Products I Can’t Live Without When I Travel

    Wellness is particularly important to me when I travel, and I’ve previously shared some tips for staying healthy and happy while travelling, here on the blog. I take most of my home wellness routine with me when I travel, because I can, and I because it’s important to me. And while it’s nice to shake things up sometimes, my overall wellness isn’t worth shaking up; so my travel wellness essentials come with me. In honour of Global Wellness Day (day of this post!), and because I’ve discovered some great new products for my travel wellness arsenal, I’ve pulled together a list of some my favourites. Almost all are made in…

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    10 Travel Stretches to Keep Your Body Happy

    Travel can be hard on the body. Here are ten travel yoga stretches to help you feel happy and well while on the go. (Psst! These are also great stretches for people who work at a desk all day.) Travel can be hard on the body. You know what I mean. Stiff neck from falling sleeping with your head at a weird angle (even with a neck pillow!) Sore back and shoulders from sitting in the awkward seats. Tight legs and hips from sitting too long. Hands and feet feeling heavy. The ironic thing is that you can feel much of the same after playing tourist and being on your…

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    8 Post-Holiday Party Yoga Stretches for Your Feet and Body

    It’s holiday party season and you are going to look fab in your outfit and party shoes. But your feet are going to hate you. Why? High heels, baby, high heels. There’s a reason your feet sigh with relief when you kick your shoes off. But I’ve got you with a quick, effective post-party yoga stretch routine for all levels to help decompress you from head to toe – and counteract the negative effects of your skycrapers.* (And gents, you aren’t necessarily wearing heels, but your dress shoes are also making your feet cry. Just saying…)

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    How to Stay Healthy & Happy While Travelling

    Travelling is wonderful. But if you get sick in any way while there or right after you get back, not so fun. Some of this can be attributed to jet lag and recycled air on the plane. But over the years I’ve realized that the biggest reason much of the above happens is that we tend to stop mindfully looking after ourselves when we travel. Travel wellness isn’t just about taking a break to go away (for however long). Yes, you’re on holiday. But if you’re like me and like to be away for a fair stretch, keeping up a version of my wellness routine and healthy habits is actually quite…

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    Mala mail

    I love getting mail. Not bills, obviously, but good mail. Occasion cards, postcards (my favourite!), or something I’ve ordered. The mail redirect from the recent move is working so that’s a bonus. I also like sending mail. As my friends and family know, I am an avid postcard sender. Mail, for me, is something simple, yet tangible and personal in a time where we mostly “LOL” electronically instead sharing that belly laugh in person. My favourite piece of mail in 2014, aside from a letter from Pemberley(!), was a mala bead bracelet from Mala Collective. A small Christmas present to myself to help me start 2015 on the right foot. (What are…

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    Happy 2015! Attraversiamo, patience and goals for the New Year

    Attraversiamo: verb – cross, go across, walk across, traverse, go through, pass through, pass; span Yes, I recently (re)watched and (re)read  “Eat, Pray, Love”. But, it’s great word, and very appropriate for going in to a New Year. It’s also fun to say. Attraversiamo. 🙂 Every New Year’s Eve, I go through my goals. What happened this past year? What would I like to achieve in the next 365 days? Did I have fun? (For the most part, yes!) My main goal for 2015 is patience; a virtue that I have some of, though the levels vary. The person I have the least patience with and am hardest on is myself. And so,…

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    Guest Post: Kate’s Adventures in the Land Down Under

    Have you been to Australia? I have not – it’s on the list. Therefore, I have been living vicariously through my lovely friend Kate. She has been living and travelling throughout the land down under for the last six months and is now getting ready to come back home (yay!). While I am still sifting through my Japan and Taiwan photos and writing related posts, I asked Kate if she’d be so kind as to write a summary of her trip and share some photos for a guest post. (Idea courtesy of another lovely friend, Stef, another West Coast city girl, who writes her Broad World blog from across the Atlantic while on…