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    Where to stay, eat and explore in Powell River on the Sunshine Coast

    With the goal of unplugging and getting our hygge on, the Brit and I went on a Sunshine Coast road trip this past Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend. While it was odd not having a turkey dinner, we had the best time exploring the area and being with each other. I was doing an Instagram takeover for Townsite Brewing, so unplugging was a bit of a challenge, but the other half of the goal was very successful! We had a cozy place to stay, good food, and got out into the trees. We spent most of the weekend on the North Coast in Powell River – a town I don’t think I’d…

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    Tourist in My Town: My Favourite Metro Vancouver Summer Weekend Activities

    We were out and about last weekend and it occurred to me that it’s almost at the end of August. How did that sneak up so quickly?? Despite summer whooshing by, I can safely say that I’ve been properly enjoying my weekends playing tourist in my town. Having an ex-pat significant other makes for much discovery and re-discovery of my beautiful city of Vancouver.

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    Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!

    O, Canada: You are beautiful. From the time the sun rises in the east and sets in the west; and all the hours in between. I was born here; I was raised here. And I love everything about you. My favourite thing about you is how you exemplify what I feel the message of my new Roots hat represents: diversity, integrity, love, and kindness. (Example: Our leader is a gentleman who can take criticism like a mature adult.) I was recently on a walking tour in Barcelona and everyone was sharing where they were from and how long their homeland has officially been a country. They were all astonished when I…

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    Vancouver Island Road Trip – Pause and Explore

    When on a road trip, it’s all well and good to enjoy the scenery from inside the car – especially when it’s raining! – but, (aside from when nature calls) I feel that breaks are important, a) to get you out of the car to stretch your legs (Your hip flexors will thank you!), b) to actually enjoy a meal, and c) to pause and explore your surroundings. While you’re working on a) and c), you’ll also get your steps in – bonus! Here is a little guide of places to stop and enjoy when making your way up and down the east coast of Vancouver Island GET RANDOM: The World’s Largest…

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    Island Road Trip – 9 Things to Do in Victoria

    It’s been a busy few weeks, but I’ve finally had a chance to go through photos and do a road trip download from my notes. The Island is a perfect place for a road trip, and the Brit and I celebrated his birthday with four-and-a-half days of exploring. (As my calling him “The Brit” would suggest, he isn’t from here, so I love visiting places with him that I haven’t been to in a long time. It gives me a fresh lens.) We started in Victoria and, from there, focused our attention on the eastern side of the Island. (The west side and the crazy all-season surfing people will have…

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    The Canadian flag turns 50!

    It is National Flag of Canada Day and the Canadian flag turns 50. Wait, what? My almost 150 year old country’s flag has only been around for a third of the confederacy? When I was reminded of this, I remembered that up until the mid-sixties, this was the flag that Canada used: Wherever I go in the world, or even just in Canada, if I see a Canadian flag flying beautifully in the wind, I will take a picture. I’ve taken a lot. And I’ve also had my picture with the flag a few times. And you know what I can’t find in my iPhoto library right now because I’m looking for…

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    Yukon Days – Part One

    A couple days ago, this city girl got on a plane to the Great ‘White’ North. I say ‘White’ because, well it’s summer, and right now, it’s mostly the Great ‘Green’ North. Still spectacularly beautiful though. It’s so… Open.  Or, as the Travel Yukon tagline says: Larger Than Life. My flight was me and a very large Swiss tour group that comprised of very active senior citizens. Despite this, the plane was not full and I had not only the rare treat of a window seat (a battle I tend to lose with my pilot husband), but the entire row to myself.  I must say, the Swiss looked, as most European…

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    Dining in the Nook

    Friday was a beautiful, hot, sunny Vancouver day. So, as one does when this weather appears, we went and sat on a patio (specifically, Cardero’s – 1583 Coal Harbour Quay) overlooking the water and had a couple drinks and appies with friends. Vancouverites were happy campers on Friday evening. We were even happier campers when Katie and Tom brought us into our old neighbourhood, the West End, for a fantastic Italian meal at an aptly named place called Nook (781 Denman Street, Vancouver). Nook was not open when we lived down there, otherwise, we would have eaten there all the time. We were joined by another friend, Sally, and the…