Ep. 52 – Melissa Ariganello

Let’s talk about following your dreams, finding the good and navigating grief during COVID, lockdown living, and knowing the universe has your back with Melissa Ariganello.
Melissa Ariganello, guest on City Girl Talks episode 52.

Melissa Ariganello is a Canadian-Italian foodie and travel bug living in London. She’s worked in social media marketing for over five years and is passionate about content creation and connecting with others online. Connect with Melissa on Instagram

For the last episode of 2020, I  chat with my lovely friend, savvy digital strategist and foodie, Melissa Ariganello. Melissa moved to London in late-2018 and was looking forward to living her best London life in 2020. And then… lockdown. As we dig into this, Melissa shares what she’s been doing to keep her spirits up and the lessons she’s taking into her 30s — she turned the big three-oh a few weeks after we recorded! (Recorded October 25, 2020)

Topics we cover in this episode:

  • Living alone during the pandemic
  • Living in London (lockdown and otherwise)
  • Confidence 
  • Mental health
  • Summer travel during COVID
  • Sending emails to your future self
  • The benefits of counseling 

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Book(s) we talk about in this episode:

Note: The Cup of Something Book Club is taking a break until the New Year. BUT I’ve gathered all the book club selections and guest book recommendations from this year in this blog post. Gift yourself or those on your gift list with these city girl reads!

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