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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Travellers

It’s time to start thinking about your holiday shopping. I’m sorry, but it’s true. But I’m making it easy for you with a few #CityGirl7 gift guides—all with items well under $100 (#GetThrifty for the win!) and mostly from Canadian companies. And all you have to do is click.

First up, the travellers in your life. Gap year explorer, bucket list wander-luster, first time in Europe, business travellers, bride and groom going on an epic honeymoon. All apply. They are all things that I personally use and love and/or are on my wish list—ahem to The Brit.

And, as always, readily available online—so you can do a one-stop shop with a few clicks. #efficiency

Jet leg remedy care package

Jet lag is not fun. Put together a care package so your wanderluster can focus on exploring—not trying to stay awake.

  • Tea – Yep, tea. Immunity (drink on the plane) and Revive (for the day after travel) from WOASH Wellness are my go-tos. (#GetThrifty with my code CITYGIRLTRAVELS10 for 10% off your WOASH Wellness purchase.)
  • Reusable silicone tea bags for the above
  • Melatonin – I highly recommend the chewables as a safe and natural way to help get sleep back on track. Worked wonders for me and The Brit when we went to England last year.

Post-flight pampering bundle

gift guide travel

There are certain wellness products that I don’t travel without, and they include the above jet lag remedies and some of my favourite products from Ativo Skincare. (Not sponsored, I just love their stuff!) Show some love with these stocking stuffers.

  • Lip balm – Lips get dry from the air on planes. I like these Ativo lip balms because they smell lovely, make my lips feel happy and they are 100% natural.
  • Face mask – Also for the gents. Recycled air sucks moisture away and a good sheet mask or this gel mask are amazing to make skin feel normal again.
  • Milk bath – So they can soak the travel day away. This one is Tracy from Ativo’s favourite and she knows her stuff.

P.S. These are also fabulous things to treat yourself with. Just saying…

Personalized water bottle

Water bottle etsy

Help keep your traveller hydrated and do some good for the environment. More and more airports and other public places tend to have switched over their water fountains to be both fountain and bottle filling station. Which means there’s no reason to buy a bottle of water at the airport, give or get yourself a personalized reusable water bottle.

Portable battery charger

gift for travellers
imuto portable charger

The Brit bought me a portable USB battery charger a couple Christmases ago, and it’s amazing. Mine is the imuto 20000—it fits nicely in a small purse and it charges my phone super quickly. It’s both Apple and Android compatible and can charge two devices at a time.

This is the perfect travel accessory for someone who takes many a photo with their phone.

Something cozy for the plane

Give someone something cozy to keep them warm on the plane. Blanket scarves are perfect for this; and for the men (or if the ladies prefer), a nice hoodie. Aritzia has a lovely wool option and I am very fond of my Peace Collective hoodie.

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Travel accessories

The little things they might forget to get themselves.

traveller gift guide
  • Passport holder – Etsy has some great vendors for personalized document holders. Two vendors I like are here and here. I’ll be getting one of these for the Brit for his new Canadian passport. Shhh. Don’t tell.
  • Luggage tags – Again, Etsy for the win for personalized items! Click here and here for some nice options.
  • Amenity kit – Some essentials for on the plane: sleep mask, slippers, earplugs. Indigo has this one from Hershel Supply Co. and this cute floral option that would just need a neck pillow to go with it.
  • Travel adapter – Outside of a passport, a travel adapter is possibly the most important thing for international travellers to have. I have a multi-adapter that also has a USB plug–this way, I don’t have to carry as many pieces.

Travel yoga mat

Travel is hard on the body. Yogi or not, everyone needs to stretch. And if your giftee is a yogi, a travel mat is perfect as they fold up nicely and weigh less than a regular yoga mat. Mine is from B Yoga, and I’ve heard that the Manduka and Halfmoon options are also good.

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