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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Travellers

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We leave for the UK in less than a month, and I officially have Christmas and travel on the brain. Aside from some travel toiletries, I’m all set with what I need for the our trip. (I’m also done my Christmas shopping – woot!) But Black Friday and Cyber Monday have got me thinking about what I or any of my travel friends would feel fortunate to see under the tree or in our stockings. So here’s a little gift guide – clicking on any of the images will bring you to their respective shops.

Before I get to the good stuff, let’s quickly touch on the Canada Post labour disruptions. Most online shops are arranging alternate shipping carriers or are advertising that they offer priority (1-2 day) shipping. At the end of the day, it’s going to mean choosing the NOT free shipping option in order to get your packages on time. Info on where Canada Post service is affected can be found here.

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A Piece of Home

Okay, so this is for my fellow Canadians, but wherever you are from, it’s always nice to have a piece of home when you’re travelling. I love my Home is the West Coast hoodie, and they also have Home is Canada designs. For sizing reference, everything is unisex, and the XS is baggy and cozy for me in the best way. AND, they donate two meals to a Canadian child in need for every garment sold through their partnership with the Breakfast Club of Canada.

Hoodie gift traveller

These are some other fun options:

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Warmth for the Plane

It’s cold on the plane. The above Peace Collective hoodie is a solid option for this, but a blanket scarf will do in a pinch. I LOVE mine. I get cold enough that I will probably be wearing Sherpa zip up fleece plus the blanket scarf.

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Bags and Luggage

Anti-Theft Purse or Backpack

Pacsafe purse

The Brit bought me a new Pacsafe Citysafe CS200 last Christmas as my previous one had just been decommissioned after six years. That purse and it’s slash-proof and RFI blocking lining kept my belongings and cards safe in Naples, London, Paris, Barcelona, and many other paces in the world known for pickpockets. Pacsafe bags are a bit pricey, but they are absolutely worth the price – both for the peace of mind and because they last a very long time.

Luggage Set

Canada Luggage Depot

The best thing about this time of year is that even the discount sites get in on Black Friday and Cyber Monday action. Canada Luggage Depot is where I got my Samsonite luggage this year (I have the two set of the above), and they have wicked deals. Amazon also has some luggage sets on sale coming up.


Indigo Journal

Whether it’s to write hopes and dreams, make lists, or jot down blog post ideas, everyone has use for a notebook or fancy journal. There’s some cute options from Indigo.ca, as well as the more tradition Moleskine notebooks.


It’s so important to take time for self-care when travelling. As I’ve mentioned often, my travel mat goes everywhere with me, so I’ve listed it here (I have the B MAT option in an older colour), as well as some other self-care options that will make some great stocking stuffers!

Travel Yoga Mat

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Essential Oils

tea tree oil
Essentials oils from Thursday Plantation
Essential oils don’t just smell lovely, they are incredibly multipurpose, with lavender helping for relaxation and jet-lag, peppermint for decongestion and relief aches and pains, and my favourite: the marvellous tea tree oil helping with everything (like bug bites, disinfecting surfaces, blemish zapping, etc)! I also use a combo of the three in my yoga mat spray. Check out this combo pack from Thursday Plantation.

Eye Mask

Sleep mask
Silk sleep mask (shophalfmoon.ca)

I finally broke down and bought a sleep mask because I don’t sleep as well on planes as I used to. Even the gent travellers will love one of these (maybe not with the flowers? Or maybe with!) Halfmoon Yoga has some great colours and they are all on sale right now!

Jetlag Therapy

Tea for travellers
Jetlag Therapy Kit (Tealeaves.com)

Vancouver-based tea company, Tealeaves, has cute little Jetlag Therapy kits that have one teabag of their Energy tea and one of their Relax. They also offer their Jetlag Therapy as a gift set. It’s tasty, and a natural way to handle the time changes and the rigours of travel.


Where would we be without gadgets??

Portable Charger

Battery pack
iMuto portable charger (Amazon.ca)

When my iPhone 6s was suffering from overly quick battery depletion, the Brit bought me this iMuto portable charger for Christmas. It’s the best thing ever. I’d been considering getting a charging case, but I find them bulky. This little charger loads my battery back up much faster than the regular phone charger.

Camera Remote and Mini Tripod

Traveller gift
UBeesize Tripod and Remote (Amazon.ca)

I have my eye on this little tripod and its accompanying remote. The tripod holds a smartphone or screws into a camera, and wraps around anything. And the wireless remote means the Brit will get a bit of a reprieve from being ‘Instagram boyfriend’.


Kobo Clara HD traveller gift
Kobo Clara HD (Indigo.ca) 

As much as I love turning a page, books weigh a pack or suitcase down. My Kobo e-reader has been a lifesaver for keeping things lightweight and I can put as many books as I want on it. Indigo Books has a few different options, and if your bias leans towards shopping at Amazon, I’m told the Kindle is also a great option.

The iPad is apparently a good e-reader option, but I haven’t gotten that far in its function.

Travel Accessories

These are the little things, but they are important and practical.  Just like socks and underwear.

Leak-Proof Bottles

Silicone bottle set gift
Eagle Creek silicone bottles (TilleyVancouver.com)

These silicone bottle are perfect for carry-on bags. They meet the TSA guidelines and are leak-proof. I accidentally donated my set when we were packing for the move (eek) so I got this Eagle Creek set at TilleyVancouver.com

Packing Cubes & Compression Bags

Compression bags and packing cubes are a traveller’s best friend as they make packing more efficient, and free up much needed space in your suitcase. The cubes also make packing for a weekend away a total breeze. The compression bags are also good for dirty laundry when coming back home.


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Laundry Line

Practical gift

Not many hotels have washers and dryers, and for that matter, they sometimes aren’t a guarantee in an apart-hotel or Airbnb either. Hand-washing of unmentionables will need to happen. Trust me. Your traveller will want this laundry line in their suitcase pocket.


Socks gift merino wool

Yep socks. Merino wool (or regular wool). Why? Because they are anti-microbial and anti-stink – perfect to wear on a long travel day or on a hike.  I was recently given a couple pairs of Darn Tough socks*, and they are so comfy! They are also guaranteed for life; so if something happens to your socks, they’ll replace them!

Give an Experience

If you know where your traveller is going, a nice option might be to contribute towards an excursion at their destination. Or maybe donate your unused air miles or credit card points towards an upgrade to business class. You will be their favourite person.

For the more adventurous…

As you can tell, I am a rolling-suitcase kind of girl. I am not a backpacker. But if the traveller on your list is, you should check out the Be My Travel Muse blog as she has incredible resources and lists of the items she uses!


This post was made possible in part by Tilley Vancouver. Use my code, WCCGTV25, for 25% your purchase at TilleyVancouver.com. This includes anything listed in this post with an asterisk ( * ) and/or listed as from TilleyVancouver.com. Code is available for use until December 3. 

As always, all opinions are my own. 

“The most beautiful in the world is, of course, the world itself.” – Wallace Stevens

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