Happy 2017 & goals for the year

It’s New Years’ Eve and I’ve just finished making Oatmeal Honey Chocolate Chip cookies for a party later this evening. I’m in rainy San Diego (so strange to say that it’s raining in Southern California…), and I’m happy to be spending the last day of 2016 with a friend very near and dear to my heart and his equally dear partner (the batter thief below) in a place that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time.

While California isn’t “home”, I think that home is a feeling that comes with who you are with (or on your own) and what you do to be comfortable where you are. I’m always with people I care about on NYE and I tend to bake or cook because I love the smells and the act of making something that will be shared. They remind me of my mum doing her thing in the kitchen, and it makes me feel, well, at home.

As always, goals for the year:

  • PATIENCE – I find it frustrating that I (mostly) have patience for days with others but not with myself. It’s okay if things get messy. It’s about how you clean up.
  • TRAVEL – Always.
  • FINANCE – Get myself completely debt free ahead of schedule. Save, save, save.
  • COMPLETION – Finish my 500 yoga teaching certification,  and a couple projects I’ve been working on for a while now. Read: Stop procrastinating.
  • MEDITATION – 11 minutes. Every day. No excuses.
  • AUDACITY & KINDNESS – I’ve been fortunate to hear Olympian, and fellow Canadian, Silken Laumann, speak on a few occasions. She talks about being audacious and not being afraid go for it. She is also one of the kindest people I have ever met and I admire her spirit and the way she lives her life.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing for NYE, I hope you’re warm and with good people. I hope your wishes came true in a year that was a little weird, and that 2017 is a year that is even better. I wish you audacity and kindness. Be safe, have fun, share joy.

Happy New Year! xoxo

You can get excited about the future. The past won’t mind.

~ Hillary DePiano ~


Happy 2016!

Do you remember when you were a kid and it felt like the boring things took forever and the fun things (like summer) went by so quickly? Then, we became adults and got “busy”; wondering how time flew by and wishing we could have had (or made) time to appreciate things. 2015 was both slow and quick for me, but I can truthfully say that I appreciated every day of it.

When I said “bring it on” to 2015, I don’t know that I was fully prepared for some of what it threw at me. The good was overwhelmingly so, but the challenges were kind of new level in a when it rains it pours kind of way. But, recognizing that both the good and the challenging needed to happen, I can wring out the negatives and leave them in 2015. I bring the lessons learned forward in to 2016, along with all the amazing goodness of the past year.

My goals for 2016:

  • Patience – forever on the list.
  • Continue to be my best self.
  • Be more diligent with my RRSP contributions.
  • Travel more:
    • Disneyland. (I’ve never been! 😳)
    • See more of Europe (Yes, again!)
    • Explore more of my city, province, side of the continent.
  • Get published – a lofty (and petrifying) but exciting goal.

What are your goals? Best wishes to you and yours for 2016. 😊


Celebrate what you want to see more of.

~ Tom Peters 

Hello, 2016. I’m ready for you. 


Happy 2015! Attraversiamo, patience and goals for the New Year

Attraversiamo: verb – cross, go across, walk across, traverse, go through, pass through, pass; span

Yes, I recently (re)watched and (re)read  “Eat, Pray, Love”. But, it’s great word, and very appropriate for going in to a New Year. It’s also fun to say. Attraversiamo. 🙂

Every New Year’s Eve, I go through my goals. What happened this past year? What would I like to achieve in the next 365 days? Did I have fun? (For the most part, yes!)

My main goal for 2015 is patience; a virtue that I have some of, though the levels vary. The person I have the least patience with and am hardest on is myself. And so, every year, patience stays on the list. Some goals for 2015:

  • I will put away $xxx in my savings every pay period.
  • I will be more diligent with my Sunday food prep for the week.
  • I will run a mile without stopping.
  • I will learn how to tread water.
  • I will be patient.

In the world of patience, the most patient living being I know is this handsome fella:


Usually one of my NYE dates and my walking companion at this time of year, Drifter is a shining example of patience. He lives with a cat, two kids, and two adults and is regularly with three small dog cousins, multiple other adults and kids, and he has the best disposition. He is the Job of dogs. I love this dog with all my heart and I am missing him today. (If he could tell you about the time I went to what turned out to be the wrong mail box (multiple times, in -15 C) and tried multiple keys to get my Banana Republic Boxing Day order, it would be pretty damn funny. This dog was patient with a capital ‘P’, sitting there, keeping watch, with head cocked to the side, and a definite twinkle of amusement in his eyes as I was cursing and muttering to myself.)

While 2014 did not end how I thought it would and 2015 is starting very differently than I had hoped… attraversiamo – in to a new year I go. Bring it on, 2015. I’m ready. 🙂


Happy New Year, everyone! Be safe. Have fun. Share joy. xo

For last year’s words belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice.

~ T.S. Eliot


Happy 2014! – Snow Olympics, Goals

It’s 2014. How did that happen so fast?? I feel like 2013 went by in a blur but I know I enjoyed most of it – so I was at least present in the blur. It was fun, it was emotional, it was hard. But it was a great year and I am a better person for my experiences.

We are in Alberta again this year to spend time with friends and family. New Year’s Eve is a big deal with this group: lots of food and beverage and lots of fun. We start out the evening all together for dinner and to ring in the New Year; and then the youngest kids go to bed, and the wives, girlfriends, mothers, and sisters settle in with red wine and our cameras to watch our male contingent run around and be silly (as most males of all ages like to do) for the annual Snow Olympics.

The food with a photobomb from Diana
The silly

(The Snow Olympics are a New Year’s tradition since before I came along. It involves running around in the snow on dares, with each contestant trying to outdo the other. In their swim trunks. (Did I mention this is at 1:00am and it’s -?? degrees outside?) While one or two are off in the snow, the rest keep warm in the hot tub and the cycle continues until they decide they’ve had enough of the cold and have given out the “medals”. (Sean won gold. 😉 )

It’s an activity fueled by beverages of a certain strength – though not for the 11 year old (for obvious reasons), who is fueled by sugar, pure adrenaline and the sheer joy of getting to participate in in the sheer craziness with all the “adult” males in his family that he looks up to (but would never admit it).

His sister and her friend may break ground as the first female participants next year – and will likely kick the boys’ butts.)

The insane
The sane
The baffled and intrigued

Last year, I made New Year’s goals and I am beyond proud to say that I have achieved some and started some. More than I could have hoped.

Of my bold items from last year…

  • Yoga Teacher Training – I chose to do the Fall 2013 session instead of the Spring session and I am so glad I did. A couple more checks in the graduation requirements list and I am officially a certified yoga teacher. It’s one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, and I am so grateful.
  • Driver’s License/Road Test – I wrote a bit about this throughout the year, but while I did take my road test in July, I failed. And was completely devastated, particularly because it was because I went in a complete bundle of nerves. But I took my road test again at the beginning of December, and this time, I passed – much to my and Sean’s delight. Yahoo!
  • Reducing Debt – On my way. Slowly, but surely.
  • 30th Birthday Vacation – My yoga teacher training fell around the time of my birthday, so my special trip has been postponed for now. But my teacher training was certainly a journey, and obviously the one I needed to be on during my milestone year.

Of the rest… I am better at getting up with my alarm (Sean is thrilled); I brought my lunch/dinner to work/school about 75% of the time; and I decided that some things were more important than others – so my teeth can wait and patience with myself will always be something I strive for more of.

For 2014, I’m going to focus on being patient with myself and getting more comfortable with driving now that I’m allowed to do it on my own. I also have a specific and very big goal, and it’s one I’ve been working on since early last year. I really hope I achieve this goal because it means big change and an adventure. No, we aren’t trying to have a baby (yet) but it will  be almost as big as that. So here’s hoping.

Image courtesy of the lovely and talented Terra Varey
Image courtesy of the lovely and talented Terra Varey

Happy New Year!


It’s official, I can finally drive

On Thursday something amazing happened: I passed my road test. AAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!

After taking a break from learning to drive standard last summer (thank you, Kyle!), Sean randomly found me a driving school here in New West. It’s called Ladybug Driving and they are geared towards teaching women to drive. When I started, my instructor informed me that they don’t teach standard. And since I was such a bundle of nerves about driving – I cried during my first lesson with my instructor – learning automatic first would be the best thing to up my confidence. and easier on my brain. (Yes, Sean. You were right… So, thank you.)

On a slight tangent, I love the colour red and I love ladybugs so this was a perfect school for me.


So eleven months, some tears, many (MANY) hours of practice and expensive (worth it!) lessons, and one failed road test in July later, I finally have that shiny green N magnet for the back of whatever car I end up driving. I’m really proud of myself for conquering something that has giving me great anxiety for a long time. Driving is one of the most humbling and scary things I have ever done. I’m so grateful to friends and my in-laws for taking me practice driving, my two Ladybug instructors, Kaniz and Anna, and yes, I’m grateful to Sean who kept encouraging and poking at me to get my N so I could have a bit more independence.


Crossing one big goal of my list for the year feels amazing. My yoga teacher training is another thing that I have recently completed, but that’s another post and story. 🙂

Now, I can get back to learning to drive standard. Lots of yogic breathing for me! But I know I’ll be fine.

Time to finish cleaning up from last night’s annual holiday open house and prep some leftovers for dinner. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Happy Sunday night!


Happy 2013! – Goals for the year

It’s officially 2013. Does anyone else feel like it came really quickly?? For me, 2012 went by in a wonderful blur, culminating in a great holiday season with family and friends. Sean and I are staying with our friends Ward & Kim just outside of Edmonton and are just had post-NYE brunch. Much needed after last night’s dinner and dessert, games, Snow Olympics (for another post), and my apparently super strong cocktails. 🙂

2013 is the year I feel l need to get serious about my goals and objectives. Why this year more so than any other year? Because October 5, 2013 is the day I turn 30. While this isn’t a number I’m agonizing over (I’m actually really excited about turning 30), it is a year that I want to accomplish some things that I have been dragging my feet on or just haven’t had or made the time to get done.

lululemon has a great goal initiative (#readysetgoals) and I was very inspired by it when I saw the email this morning. I haven’t plotted my resolutions in as much detail as they suggest and I have decided to stick to what I can do in one year.

Typing them out and sharing them makes me accountable and I am determined to accomplish my goals and FOCUS. Some are serious, some are bit fluffy.

In 2013 I will:

  • I will take my lunch to work every day and make better use of my recipe books.
  • I will run a mile without feeling like I am going to die.
  • I will be better at getting up with my first alarm.
  • I will take and pass my road test by July 2013.
  • I will reduce remaining monetary debt by at least half by October 2013
  • I will register and start my yoga teacher training by Spring 2013.
  • I will start the process of getting my teeth re-straightened by February 2013 – a superficial but important thing for me.
  • I will have patience with myself while taking the steps for the above.
  • I will fly somewhere fun for my 30th birthday – destination TBD

This looks like a lot but they all interconnect – they are all about taking care of myself and being a better person for Sean, those around me, and most importantly, myself. I feel like these are all realistic and attainable goals and objectives for myself; my bold items are the ones that are really key for me. I know none of them will be easy, but I am determined and have a fantastic support system.


What are your goals/resolutions/objectives for 2013?

Happy New Year!