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    My 2018 Goals

    Last year, I set my goals in San Diego while visiting my friend Jason. This year, The Brit and I spent the last week of 2017 on the Sunshine Coast and rang in the New Year at Townsite Brewing. The fireplace is keeping our cabin nice and cozy and while The Brit does some research a new IPA recipe, I’m looking ahead for 2018 and narrowing my goals down.

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    Happy 2017 & goals for the year

    It’s New Years’ Eve and I’ve just finished making Oatmeal Honey Chocolate Chip cookies for a party later this evening. I’m in rainy San Diego (so strange to say that it’s raining in Southern California…), and I’m happy to be spending the last day of 2016 with a friend very near and dear to my heart and his equally dear partner (the batter thief below) in a place that I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. While…

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    Happy 2016!

    Do you remember when you were a kid and it felt like the boring things took forever and the fun things (like summer) went by so quickly? Then, we became adults and got “busy”; wondering how time flew by and wishing we could have had (or made) time to appreciate things. 2015 was both slow and quick for me, but I can truthfully say that I appreciated every day of it. When I said “bring it on” to 2015, I…

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    Happy 2015! Attraversiamo, patience and goals for the New Year

    Attraversiamo: verb – cross, go across, walk across, traverse, go through, pass through, pass; span Yes, I recently (re)watched and (re)read  “Eat, Pray, Love”. But, it’s great word, and very appropriate for going in to a New Year. It’s also fun to say. Attraversiamo. 🙂 Every New Year’s Eve, I go through my goals. What happened this past year? What would I like to achieve in the next 365 days? Did I have fun? (For the most part, yes!) My…

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    Happy 2014! – Snow Olympics, Goals

    It’s 2014. How did that happen so fast?? I feel like 2013 went by in a blur but I know I enjoyed most of it – so I was at least present in the blur. It was fun, it was emotional, it was hard. But it was a great year and I am a better person for my experiences. We are in Alberta again this year to spend time with friends and family. New Year’s Eve is…

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    It’s official, I can finally drive

    On Thursday something amazing happened: I passed my road test. AAAAAAAH!!!!!!!! After taking a break from learning to drive standard last summer (thank you, Kyle!), Sean randomly found me a driving school here in New West. It’s called Ladybug Driving and they are geared towards teaching women to drive. When I started, my instructor informed me that they don’t teach standard. And since I was such a bundle of nerves about driving – I cried during my…

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    Happy 2013! – Goals for the year

    It’s officially 2013. Does anyone else feel like it came really quickly?? For me, 2012 went by in a wonderful blur, culminating in a great holiday season with family and friends. Sean and I are staying with our friends Ward & Kim just outside of Edmonton and are just had post-NYE brunch. Much needed after last night’s dinner and dessert, games, Snow Olympics (for another post), and my apparently super strong cocktails. 🙂 2013 is the year…