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My 2018 Goals

Last year, I set my goals in San Diego while visiting my friend Jason. This year, The Brit and I spent the last week of 2017 on the Sunshine Coast and rang in the New Year at Townsite Brewing. The fireplace is keeping our cabin nice and cozy and while The Brit does some research a new IPA recipe, I’m looking ahead for 2018 and narrowing my goals down.

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I decided to do this because my overall goals for 2018 are to FOCUS and be more PRESENT in order to do and enjoy the things that make me HAPPY. If I make too many goals, it’s harder to make quality time for them; but making fewer, and more concrete goals allows for more focus, efficiency, and my feeling less overwhelmed. (I accomplished a lot in 2017,  but it was a bit exhausting!)

The I WILL’s for 2018:


Aside from the standard drinking more water, getting more sleep, waking up earlier, being less hard on myself, and not being on my phone so much……..

  • Be DEBT FREE by March 2018 – I’ll write about what has been a four-year adventure once I’ve hit this milestone. But I’m incredibly proud of myself for this soon-to-be accomplishment. It will allow for me to contribute more in daily life with my partner, put some money aside without feeling great anxiety, and be a huge weight off my back.
  • Be able to hold my own in an Italian conversation – This has been in the cards since autumn 2016, but I fell off the Duolingo (a really great and FREE – yay, #GetThrifty!) – app that works for both iPhone and Android phones) learning wagon this past spring. One of my executives is Italian and I have a few other Italian colleagues who have been helping me out. So I can understand some conversations and read it well enough, but the conversing is what I need to work on. The Brit has been learning French with Duolingo because he wants to be able to speak French with my mum (and probably understand us when we switch to French!)
  • Get my courage up and submit pitches to sites and magazines that I would like to write for – I’ve re-realized in the last year that I really love writing, so I want to give it a go and see if I can get the opportunity to share my view of the world in a paid fashion. I just need to stop being a chicken and click send on the pitches I already have written…


There will be lots of local and near-ish exploring, but the big travel goals are:

  • Celebrate my birthday in Disneyland – I’ve never been to any Disney park. Ever. I know – what kind of childhood did I have??? A really good one, but lacking in the Disney vacation department, apparently. 😉 This adventure will be tacked on to seeing Jason marry his partner in San Diego the day before that, so it’s going to be a happy October
  • Get my hygge on in Denmark – As demonstrated by much of my content for autumn/winter, I’m obsessed with this Danish concept. The Brit and I are going to be in England for Christmas 2018, and I’ve informed him that I am sweeping him away for a few family-free days that will likely involve flying to Copenhagen. So I should really be studying Danish instead of Italian, but that will just have to be a September thing.  


My own practice and teaching changed in 2017. Not in a negative way, but I want to steer the ship back to its original course, or a refined version of it.

  • Honour my own practice for 60 minutes a day – Currently at 30 minutes plus meditation, which means I need to be waking up earlier achieve the 60. But I’m not a morning person. At all. But moving to New West has made for earlier mornings and it’s been a good thing for me. 
  • Finish my 500 hour yoga teaching certification – This was put on hold in 2017 because of finances, but things are looking much better for 2018, so I’ll be able to finish this up! This also involves me finally sending in my prenatal classes in for marking so I can get my certificate. 


There are some wonderful things in store for 2018, including a site refresh, but that is an entire other list that I will be fleshing out for myself on the ferry tomorrow morning. 

As I mentioned in my favourite five memories from 2017, last year was a year of huge growth for West Coast City Girl. Partly because I really buckled down, and partly because there are amazing people out there willing to give me a chance. Including YOU–thank you for reading. I am grateful and so appreciative for the follows, likes, views and comments on my site and Instagram


2018, I see you and I’m ready for you. It’s going to be amazing!

What are you manifesting for yourself for 2018? Any specific goals? I’d love to hear about them!

“Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.” ~ Oprah Winfrey


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