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It’s official, I can finally drive

On Thursday something amazing happened: I passed my road test. AAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!

After taking a break from learning to drive standard last summer (thank you, Kyle!), Sean randomly found me a driving school here in New West. It’s called Ladybug Driving and they are geared towards teaching women to drive. When I started, my instructor informed me that they don’t teach standard. And since I was such a bundle of nerves about driving – I cried during my first lesson with my instructor – learning automatic first would be the best thing to up my confidence. and easier on my brain.

On a slight tangent, I love the colour red and I love ladybugs so this was a perfect school for me.


So eleven months, some tears, many (MANY) hours of practice and expensive (worth it!) lessons, and one failed road test in July later, I finally have that shiny green N magnet for the back of whatever car I end up driving. I’m really proud of myself for conquering something that has giving me great anxiety for a long time. Driving is one of the most humbling and scary things I have ever done. I’m so grateful to everyone who took me practice driving, my two Ladybug instructors, Kaniz and Anna, and very grateful to everyone who kept encouraging and poking at me to get my N so I could have a bit more independence.


Crossing one big goal of my list for the year feels amazing. My yoga teacher training is another thing that I have recently completed, but that’s another post and story. šŸ™‚

Now, I can get back to learning to drive standard — lots of yogic breathing for me, but I know I’ll be fine.

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