Ep. 54 – Kellie Inglis

Let’s unblock our chakras with the energy of colour! In this episode, Kellie Inglis from Soul Restyled is back and we get deep and geeky about clothing colours, the chakras they relate to, and what we’re looking forward to overall in 2021.
Kellie Inglis from Soul Restyled, guest on the City Girl Talks podcast. Topics include clothing colours, chakras and loving ourselves.

Kellie Inglis is a style, energy and soul coach who empowers women to find renewed energy. Her passion is to help women evolve into their expanded, elevated, nest-level selves.

Connect with Kellie on Instagram @soulrestyled and at her website.

This episode’s girl talk:

  • How our clothing colour choices can revitalize our body, mind and soul
  • Kellie breaks down the chakras for us 
  • Gratitude
  • Choosing YOU
  • Alone vs. lonely
  • What we’re looking forward to in 2021

Did you know black is considered a grounding colour? For anyone whose mothers would always say to wear some colour, this is a win for you. It was for me!

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