Ep. 33 – Natasha Anderson

Let’s talk about growing up biracial, mama knows best and online dating in the COVID age with my step-sister Natasha Anderson.

In this episode, I (virtually) sit down for a catch-up and incredibly meaningful conversation with my amazing step-sister, Natasha Anderson. Natasha shares her experience of growing up biracial and how she feels at this pivotal time in the world. 

Natasha is a Fraud Agent for online dating platform Plenty of Fish. For those looking for love and connection right now, she shares some tips for safe online dating in the COVID age. We also discuss her move across the world and why mama (always) knows best.

Connect with Natasha: You can follow Natasha (and her dog Rocco!) on Instagram @neezstagram.

This is a period of awakening in the world and it’s not going to be easy. It’s time to educate ourselves, listen and figure out how we can do better as allies.

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Organizations to consider supporting at this time:

June Book Club Selection: Reader’s choice of a novel written by a POC and/or or with a POC main character and that addresses racism. I am re-reading The Help as it is a book that affected me deeply when I first read it. To join book club and RSVP for the June 28 online discussion of our books, click here. This is a safe space for everyone to share their book and how it made them feel. 

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