Ep. 53 – Lisa Michaud

Let’s talk about sustainable goals, mindset, and learnings from 2020 with coach and host of the Goalden Girls Podcast, Lisa Michaud.
Lisa Michaud City Girl Talks guest

Lisa Michaud is a Speaker, Coach, Real Estate Investor & Host of the Goalden Girls Podcast. She is an expert in Goal Setting + Getting and Having It All (not doing it all). As she says in this episode, she is not perfect, but learning along the way.

Connect with Lisa on Instagram @lisamichaud and at her website.

Happy New Year, everyone! We did it — we got through 2020 (mostly) intact and I am SO PROUD of all of you for showing up for yourselves in whatever fashion that was for you in that dumpster fire of a year.

I’m so excited to share the first episode of 2021 with you because it’s a conversation with coach and Goalden Girls Podcast host (and fellow curly-haired gal) Lisa Michaud.

In this episode, we chat about: 

  • Three ways to revitalize our goals in 2021
  • Sustainable goal-setting
  • NOT doing everything
  • Learnings from 2020
  • Investment top tips  
  • Flipping our mindset and giving ourselves permission to succeed

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Book(s) we talk about in this episode:

January Book Club Selection: 
This month, let’s remind ourselves that The Universe Has Your Back with this Gabby Bernstein gem. We all need to know that the universe DOES have our backs as we tip-toe into 2021.

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