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It’s still the first full week of January, but as soon as January 1 – dare I say even Boxing Day – hit, the Valentine’s Day cards hit store shelves. Cinnamon heart season is around the corner, folks!

With this in mind, I present to you the first WCCG Connections profile for 2015: the lovely Leanne Govier, talented owner and designer at the Little Me Paper Co. Leanne is a British ex-pat living in Calgary; an honorary West Coast city girl, having lived in Vancouver prior to moving across the Rockies. She creates sweet custom illustrations for greeting cards, posters, and other paper items. She was a busy girl this Christmas season, but took some time mid-December to have a virtual chat.

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Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 11.17.18 AM
My custom portrait from a favourite photo. I’m on the hunt for a perfect frame! Photo: Leanne Govier
WCCG: Where did the idea for Little Me Paper Co come from?

LG: I have always dreamed of owning a little paper goods shop. I would make cards for my friends and family to celebrate special occasions and they would always tell me that I should sell them. Then last Christmas I painted a tiny portrait of my mum and I, I wanted to give her a special card as I couldn’t get home for Christmas (I moved to Canada from England 3 years ago). She absolutely adored the little illustration and how personal and special it was. After making a couple of other portrait cards for friends and family, I opened my etsy shop in August with a handful of examples and within 3 days I got my first ‘cha-ching!’. It all kind of snowballed from there and I branched out into prints, greeting cards, wedding stationery, quotes and other customizable items. I actually just celebrated my 130th Etsy sale!!!

Leanne at the recent Calgary Market Collective Photo: Mike Tan
WCCG: Based on your Instagram posts, it looks like you have a lot of holiday card orders coming in. How does it feel to know that your artwork will be given and mailed all over the world?

LG: It feels absolutely amazing. I get so excited to pile up my packages and imagine them traveling all over the world. Knowing that my artwork will be displayed in peoples houses is so special. I have Christmas cards being sent around the USA, Canada and the UK this holiday season, it is so special and gives me goosebumps.


WCCG: What has running your own business felt like? Favourite things, challenges?

LG: It has been exhilarating. I am excited to keep working hard and to hopefully take my company to the next level. I work another another full time job, so that has definitely been my biggest challenge as I always have more ideas than time. But my favourite thing has been seeing my ideas come to life and connecting with people all over the world . I love my job and I cannot wait to see what 2015 holds for LMPC!

I’ve heard tell that what you imagine sometimes comes true.

~ Grandpa Joe / Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

WCCG: Outside of LMPC, what are your interests? I know that you are also a talented actress.

LG: Yes! I work as an actress several times throughout the year which is my other passion. I also love to write and am currently writing and illustrating my first children’s book which should be published next year. Apart from that, I am happily engaged and looking forward to getting married in the New Year.

WCCG: And the wedding stationery will be amazing!

With Valentine’s Day coming up, a Little Me Paper Co card or portrait is the perfect way to say “I love you”. Visit the Little Me Paper Co shop on Etsy and enter code WCCG10 at check out for a 10% discount off of your purchase. Ready made and custom quote options are available. Just click away!

Photo: Leanne Govier
Instagram: @littlemepaperco

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