Ep. 46 – Crystal Battagliola

Let’s talk about finding shine in the daily grind, travel memories, the perspective of age and mid-life motherhood with Crystal Battagliola from Hustle with Luster blog.


(Recorded September 21, 2020.) In this episode, I sat down for some girl talk with Crystal Battagliola from the Hustle with Luster blog. Crystal gives some tips for starting a blog, and we chat about the perspective of age, the joy of silence, her experiences of mid-life motherhood, raising daughters, and getting through 2020 in one piece.

Crystal Battagliola is a Vancouver-area mid-life mom of two young girls — she left her former career in the investment industry to stay home with them. Craving an outlet for her creativity — and to regain her sense of self — she combined her love of writing and photography to start Hustle with Luster, a social platform and blog for her lifestyle story-telling. She’s enjoying its development into an entrepreneurial journey of community and collaboration, and believes anyone can do this, at any age!

Connect with Crystal @hustlewithluster on Instagram and on her blog.

Book(s) we talk about in this episode:

October Book Club Selection: The October book selection for the Cup of Something Lovely Book Club is Five Little Indians by Cree author Michelle Good. You can buy it here or download the e- or audiobook from your local library. 

Masks! My favourite Vancouver companies making reusable (non-medical) masks for adults and kids are listed here.

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