Ep. 37 – Danielle Wiebe

Let’s talk about the power of community, faith and values, leading with love and grace, and going digital during COVID-19 with Danielle Wiebe from Business Babes Collective.

(Recorded June 11) In this episode my guest is Business Babes Collective founder, lovely soul and fellow extroverted-introvert, Danielle Wiebe. We dig deep into values and faith, the power of community, and Danielle shares the experience of shifting her business to a digital platform during the pandemic.

Danielle is the founder of Business Babes Collective, a global community for female entrepreneurs. Through masterminds, group programs and coaching, Danielle helps small business owners scale their income, influence and impact. She’s an expert in building a thriving community, creating collaborations that elevate your influence and become confident in your offer and pricing for effortless sales.

Connect with Danielle on Instagram @danilivinglife and @vancitybusinessbabes. For more information on the Business Babes Collective, click here.

Books we talk about in this episode:

July Book Club Selection: This month’s book club selection is So You Want to Talk About Race by Ijeoma Oluo. Click here to join our book club and RSVP for the July 26 online discussion! Where you can buy the book:

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