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My 2019 Reading List

Though I’m still tweaking my 2019 goals, one is to read at least 20 books. With that in mind, I recently joined Goodreads because the department I work in has a sub-group. The are voracious readers and I’m loving seeing what everyone has read and is reading. We also (finally) got our couch and I’m looking forward to drinking many cups of tea while cozied up with a book. Here’s what I read in 2018 and what’s on my list for 2019!

(Each book cover is linked* to its info page, so if you’re keen to read, click away!)

*All links have been checked by me and are cybersecure!

reading list
The Soul of Money (Lynn Twist) was one of my favourite reads in 2018 | Photo Credit: Jana Josue

Books I listened to in 2018

I discovered the joy of audio books in 2018 because I was needing something to get me through my days at work in Vancouver. Books I listened to and that you absolutely should as well(!):

Books I turned the pages of in 2018

A big physical book highlight for me was The Soul of Money by Lynn Twist. I heard her on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday podcast and immediately went and bought the book because it spoke to me in my quest to improve my relationship with money.

#GetThrifty: If you’re on a budget, or space is at a premium, sign up for an online account with your public library. You can reserve the physical books, ebooks,and audio books. For FREE!

girl reading
Photo Credit: Jana Josue

My 2019 reading list (so far)

I’m already in the middle of a few and have completed Nora Roberts’ (my absolute favourite author, ever) Of Blood and Bone.

My list has a token male author, but otherwise I’m all about the girl power this year. That being said, I might sneak Stephen Fry’s Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold off the Brit’s shelf as he doesn’t get through books as quickly. (I have the advantage of being a transit commuter.) Books need to entertain, teach, and/or make me feel.

What are you reading this year? Would love some recommendations as I still need to have to fill a few slots to hit my goal! Comment below or follow my reading challenge on Goodreads!

Photo Credit: Jana Josue

“Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” 

~ Lemony Snicket


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