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The 7 Cozy Autumn Essentials Every City Girl Needs

How is it already October?! At any rate, it means that my favourite season is in full swing, and I am 100% here for it. Bring on the blanket scarves and hygge vibes!
cozy autumn essentials

Autumn is a time of change and going inward; which is why it’s my favourite season. It means a little more home time. Way more cozy and feeling hygge time. And it’s when I tend to get more reflective and productive—on the more superficial side of things, that means sorting through my closet.

Switching out my summer wardrobe for cozy season items had me taking inventory, and I took some items out of rotation (and put in the donation/consignment pile). I’ve learned that a seasonal closet switch-up is the best way to see what I have and helps me make good spending decisions. I can 100% guarantee that (unless you choose to), you don’t have to buy much of anything—because you already have it!

The closet switch-out also made me realize that something never change. Like my love of turtlenecks.; which brings me to the inaugural edition of the #CityGirl7 series. Every month, I’ll share seven things I’m loving: clothes, deals, books, places, movies. Anything goes.

This month, the focus is on being cozy. Here are my cozy autumn essentials.

cozy autumn essentials

Stay cozy and warm with a blanket scarf.

Blanket scarf

Blanket scarves are the best multipurpose item a girl can have. And not just for fall/winter. I travel with my Aritzia wool Haus party blanket (at $88 CAD, this lovely is great value for money—all the time because it keeps me warm on a plane or in a car; and I have an incredibly soft Fraas scarf made of what they call Cashmink. Fraas also has Cashmink ponchos that double up as blanket scarves, and I’ve got my eye on this Roots cabin scarf.

Black turtleneck

I’ve always been a turtleneck gal. They are versatile and bring a touch of je ne sais quoi to an outfit. (Think Diane Keaton.) And I have three. An old one that just keeps plugging along (I’ve had it for at least 8 years!), this super soft modal version from Orb Clothing (perfect layering piece), and a machine washable merino wool one from Banana Republic. (Similar can be found at Lands End.

#GetThrifty: Doing a seasonal closet switch-up is the best way to take inventory of what you have and helps for good spending decisions. I can 100% guarantee that (unless you choose to), you don’t have to buy much of anything—because you probably already have it!

A good book to curl up with

Fall is the season for curling up with a book and a big mug of tea. (No, books aren’t clothing, but it’s my blog post, so I can do what I want, right?) Ideally in front of a fireplace. We just spent my birthday weekend on Salt Spring Island, and I gobbled up The Winemaker’s Wife in a day and a half. Such a lovely book. It wasn’t originally on my 2019 reading list, but I always end up adding books, don’t you?

Switch up your nail colour for a cozier hue.

Cozy nail colour

This summer brought back the joy of painting my nails. For fall, I’ve fallen (ha) in love with Essie’s Merino Cool. It’s this gorgeous purple-grey, which is beautiful to look at when I’m tapping away at my keyboard. I also feel like it matches the hygge vibes of the season. (It also makes for nice holding a glass of something lovely photos. Which I’ve been taking a lot of these days.)


It’s not quite cold enough for winter coats yet here in Victoria, but the weather definitely calls for good rain protection. The Orb Woodland jacket is a lovely grey colour, waterproof with a big hood, and the best feature? Faux-fur lining at the collar and torso area—it feels like being wrapped in a warm cloud. Pair it up with your aforementioned blanket scarf and you’re all set. Mine has been serving me well all year long, and it’s worth noting that while true to size, it still accommodates a blazer or thicker sweater. (Psst! It’s also on sale!)

Versatile dress

I LOVE dresses. And even with two major closet cleans in the last year, I probably still have too many. But this Orb faux wrap dress is a particular favourite of mine, and I have it in both teal and charcoal. It’s super soft, flattering, and can be dressed up or down—the perfect day-to-night dress. And the charcoal is on sale right now—#GetThrifty for the win!

If you’re looking for something a bit more casual, this Orb sweater dress caught my eye this morning.

cozy autumn essentials

Wear a dress that makes you feel hygge all day long.

Waterproof knee-high boots

Of all the things in this blog post, this the one I would put some money into (and did!); because if you take transit or walk a lot, you a) want your feet to be comfy, warm and dry, and likely, b) want your footwear to look nice and last you a long time. I have been eyeing these La Canadienne boots and their flat counterparts for a very long time, and finally decided buy myself a pair of the heeled boots for my birthday. They were not #GetThrifty in price, but will last me forever. (And they are made in Canada!)

A good pair of wellies is also a must and I recently replaced my well-worn floral tall Hunter boots with a black pair of their packable Tour boot. I’m hoping they last me as long as the floral (and long deceased purple) ones did! Splash through those puddles with cozy confidence!

What are your cozy autumn essentials? Tell me all about them in the comments!

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cozy autumn essentials

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

― L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables

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