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A Countryside Walk with Alpacas

It’s said that walking your dog is like daily therapy and very good for your mental health. After several years of dog-sitting the very handsome Charlie, I can vouch for this. (And the uptick of one’s step count.) But have you ever gone on an alpaca walk? A few weeks ago, I did — this is my experience of this delightful, joyous activity.

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my 39th birthday, thus kicking off my 40th year. I enjoyed a pedicure in town (we live just outside of a little village), followed by doing not much of anything outside of reading and savouring every bite of a lovely dinner made by the Brit. It was heaven. The birthday celebrations continued that weekend with date night in the village, and earlier in the day, a fun surprise: an alpaca walk in the Peak District!

Sometimes it’s nice to be surprised

The Brit had been teasing this excursion as part of my birthday gift for weeks and looking quite delighted with the surprise. There were no hints except that I would love it and that it was 30 minutes away. For someone who likes to plan, this was excruciating. A few days before, I finally asked (in a bit of anguish): “Can you at least tell me what to wear?!”

The reply: “Good point. Something warm, and appropriate shoes as we will be outside.” Finally, some progress. With that, I also knew in my soul it would involve animals.

I have to say, I am very proud of myself. Not once did I look anything up — despite weeks of him teasing me saying we were going diving or something ridiculous. Even on the way there, I didn’t look at Google Maps. And it was worth it because it was the best surprise.

When we turned into the drive, the Brit turned to me and announced: “Soooo…we are going on an alpaca walk!”

Me (at least one octave higher than normal): “Really!?!! I knew it was something to do with animals! Ahhhhh, I’m SO EXCITED!!”

He looked very pleased with himself, as one does when one knows they’ve done well. As far as gift ideas go, this is in the top 3. (And he’s an excellent gifter.)

An alpaca walk experience in Derbyshire

If you’re like me, I will walk rain or shine. But there’s just something about taking a walk on a crisp, sunny autumn day that gives a little extra something to the day. Especially in the Derbyshire countryside. Add some alpacas to the mix and you’re all set! 

Located at Owslow Farm on the east side of the Peak District, Rustic Retreats is a great place to spend a couple of hours for a date or a family day out. (And it makes a unique and affordable gift idea!)

Our alpacas were named Storm and Scooby, and they were the absolute best.

What I learned about alpacas:

  • They are delightful (I knew they would be)
  • A very aware animal — if you’re nervous, they’re nervous. I was nervous to pet Scooby, so every time I tried, he’d swoop away. We figured each other out eventually
  • Don’t look them straight in the eye while you’re walking them. They apparently think you’re upset with them, and then stop still and completely shut down like an emo teenager.
  • They are incredibly photogenic

In addition to alpaca walks, the owners also have holiday lets and a dome to enjoy afternoon tea with a very friendly cat. Apparently, alpaca bedding is also in the works. I was given some alpaca blankets from Ecuador a few years ago, so I know the bedding will be super soft!

*This is not a sponsored post. I just want to share the joy of the experience. 

Rustic Retreats Alpaca Walking Experience (

Cost: £25.95 per adult, £19.95 per 10-17 yrs child, £9.95 per under 10 yrs child 

Where: Owslow Farm, B5035, Matlock DE4 4DD (Google Map)

A picnic sounds great, alpaca lunch. 

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