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A Fun Day of Dates in Brighton

Looking for date ideas while visiting Brighton for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or just for date night in general? I’ve got your back. VisitBrighton sent the Brit and I on a day of fun date ideas for travlling couples. There’s so much to do in this romantic seaside town!

The Brit and I love to explore and it was a thrill to explore the city of Brighton with him back in December. My love grew up nearby but had never really gotten to know the town. And I had never been. So VisitBrighton kindly sent us on a day of dates where I took over their Instagram account to share Brighton through my eyes.

Brighton is about 1.5 hours away from London by train, and makes for a perfect day trip. I shared our day on the VisitBrighton blog*, but also wanted to share it here with you. Here are some date ideas in Brighton — just in time for Valentine’s Day!

*The original blog post first appeared on the VisitBrighton site as a guest blog post. Thank you to VisitBrighton for the opportunity!

Date Ideas in Brighton

My partner was born in Brighton and raised in the East Sussex area, so when we decided to visit his family for the recent Christmas holidays, we knew we would spend a day in Brighton. I had never been, and my partner (who I call The Brit — not very original, I know…) was keen to get back to the Brighton Palace Pier for some chips! So The Brit could show me around, VisitBrighton invited us to go on dates in various parts of the city.

Did you know? Brighton is less than an hour’s train ride from London, which makes it an ideal day trip option. What better way to get away from the hustle and bustle than to relax in a vibrant town by the sea?

If you’re feeling ambitious, do them all like we did (phew!). They are listed strategically to make it as easy as possible. If budget or time are concerns, pick whichever strikes your fancy — all are reasonably priced. Ultimately, it’s about spending time with your love.

1. Choccywoccydoodah**

Yasmine Hardcastle at Choccywoccydoodah in Brighton, UK. Fun date idea.
Enjoying one of many treats at Choccywoccydoodah in the Brighton Lanes.

Located in the historic Brighton LanesChoccywoccydoodah is a chocolate lover’s (that’s me!) heaven, selling chocolates, cakes, and serving up scrumptious hot chocolate. As the shop name would suggest, it’s a quirky, colourful place. We were escorted to the VIP Decadent Cake Garden, and it was like we’d just gone throughthe rabbit hole. Whether a special occasion or just for fun, make sure you arrive with an empty stomach and ready to indulge. They aren’t joking when they say Tea for Two is a feast!

Top Tip: If you’re looking to have a bit less food, but still enjoy the Choccywoccydoodah goodness, the Bar du Chocolat cafe is your best bet. Either way, you can still have a decadent date!

**Update (May 2019) Choccywoccydoodah sadly closed in May, but I’ve kept it listed here as it was so fun!

2. British Airways i360

British Airways i360 Brighton

Rising to 450 feet in the sky and only a 15 minute walk away from The Lanes, the British Airways i360 is the most impressive way to view the gorgeous eight-mile coastline and hills of the East Sussex interior. We were too busy marvelling at the stunning 360-degree view (oops), but I would suggest enjoying a glass of something lovely at the Nyetimber Sky Bar, where they feature local liquid offerings. The next time we visit, I am going to book us for an evening time so we can take to the skies again and see the pretty lights.

Top Tip: If you’re a Brighton resident or attend the local universities, you can visit the i360 at half-price!

3. Brighton Palace Pier

Brighton Palace Pier - London day trips, Brighton date ideas
The stunning Brighton Palace Pier. Photo: The Brit

Breathe in that lovely sea air and take a walk along the Brighton Palace Pier. Of all the places we visited on our day in Brighton, this was where my love was most excited to take me. And not just because of the chips. With gorgeous coast views and a range of eating and activity options, the Pier is an excellent date spot. Impress your date at the arcade with your 2p game prowess and share some excellent fish and ubiquitous chips! And you can do some good while you’re there: while the tickets you win from the arcade games equate to a prize, you can donate your tickets at the prize booth so that underprivileged or sick children can experience the Pier.

4. SEA LIFE Brighton

Fun fact: SEA LIFE Brighton is the oldest operating aquarium in the world. Built in 1872, the original Victorian architecture has been well preserved, and you will feel like you are studying marine biology at Hogwarts. Though some of the extra experiences (like the indoor glass-bottomed boat) are closed for restoration until Spring 2019, this is an attraction worth visiting because the marine life is fascinating and the venue has incredible ambiance.

Top Tip: Options 2-4 make for an excellent overall date excursion, as they are all within minutes of each other on foot.

5. Royal Pavilion

Date ideas in Brighton - Royal Pavilion
The Royal Pavilion at night in December.

The Brit revealed that though he had passed by this distinctive building many times… he had never been inside. What?! With its exotic architecture and opulent interior, the Royal Pavilion is a must-visit attraction while in Brighton. Walking through the incredibly grand dining room with its Asian-influenced decor is a treat, and the rest of the former seaside palace doesn’t disappoint. Interior photographs are prohibited throughout most of the building, so take this as an opportunity to really enjoy the experience with your honey — phones and cameras away!

Top Tip: If you visit the Pavilion during the day, be sure to go back at night to see the building lit up. Très romantique!

6. Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Located in the Royal Pavilion gardens, the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery is a showcase of all that is Brighton: vibrant culture, rich history, and very unique vibe. Which means there’s something to strike everyone’s fancy. While we were there, the special exhibit was the 40th anniversary of local illustrator Raymond Briggs’ beloved The Snowman™ (a personal favourite of both mine and my love’s), and there is always a unique selection of exhibits.

Top tip: If you’re in Brighton on a Tuesday, perhaps put your artistic berets on and have a date at Draw Tuesday. It’s a free drop-in event for the public to draw items in the venue. Materials are provided.

7. Quiet Dinner

While Brighton has excellent individual restaurants, sometimes familiarity is what is needed for date night. Whether a day trip, staycation, or long time away, being on holiday can be expensive. Pizza Express is a reasonably-priced, but quality, chain option where we knew we would have a quiet table and opportunity to talk about our day about town. Along with pizzas, they have big and wonderful salads, so there are options for everyone.

8. Brighton Bierhaus

Date ideas in Brighton
A beer flight at Brighton Bierhaus.

We love a craft beer tasting room, and Brighton Bierhaus didn’t disappoint. A short walk from the Royal Pavilion, this vibrant pub offers the latest and mainstay draughts from Brighton Bier across 18 cask and keg lines. And because they are up with the times, there are several vegan beers on tap for those looking for plant-based options. Stone-fired pizza from local pizzeria Pizzaface is available to order at the bar, and there are cozy tables for two.

Top Tip: Sharing a beer flight is a great and economical way to try multiple flavours.

A big thank you to VisitBrighton for a wonderful day of dates! I hope this inspires some date ideas in Brighton or wherever you are, no matter the time of year.

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