Photo Fun with Tia Vath

I’m home sick today with a cold – yuck – and Sean is working. It’s been a really hectic few weeks and I know my body is telling me to sit still. A chance to take care of myself, catch up on the PVR, and nap. Can’t remember the last time I napped, so today is a blessing in disguise. And a chance to organize photos from the summer.

My friend Tia recently left the corporate world to go back to art school and follow her dreams of being a full-time artist. She also officially started her photography business. She is super talented and I am beyond proud of her for making such big decisions.

Tia was my pod-mate and fellow EA at work and we became good friends in our time of crazy calendaring, last minute requests, inconvenient technology glitches, gently rocking the corporate boat and always, ALWAYS having a good giggle.

Back in June, I decided to enter a photo contest my yoga studio was having, but I needed help. Tia was starting to update her portfolio and she very kindly and enthusiastically agreed to be the photographer for this endeavour. Tia and her fiancé, Dean (also a very talented photographer) took me down to Kits beach and took some amazing photos.  I am very pleased to say that we won that photo contest! 🙂

The winning photo! The elements at their best, and as always, a good giggle with the lovely Tia Vath.

To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of getting my picture taken, but I had so much fun with Tia and Dean that day and I am so happy to share their work. They are really good together and their passion for photography is so apparent. As is the genuine interest in their subjects. (They did a shoot with Sean in I earlier in September and I will eventually share those too, because, aside from being beautiful photos, I’m shamelessly plugging my friend’s business – because she takes those beautiful photos!)

Dean and Tia
Not a same day photo, but so you can see the dynamic duo!

These photos also remind me what a beautiful place I am so fortunate to live in.


IMG_1483 IMG_1475

IMG_1531 IMG_1592

IMG_1536IMG_1519 IMG_1514

IMG_1573 IMG_1597

All photos: Tia Vath Photography (www.tiavath.com)

Side Note: Dean owns a dog photography business, so if you want to do a shoot with your pet, check his work out at http://www.deanlovesdogs.com. Yes, another shameless plug.


Time for a sick day nap. Happy Thursday!

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