Five Questions

I was at a workshop/dinner event last night and we had a very engaging marketing VP speak on ‘Self-Leadership: Learning Through Personal Understanding’. I know. It sounds a bit preachy, but when I got the email from the admin professionals organization I am a member of, I was intrigued despite/because of the topic. I love to learn and it was a great presentation that made all of us think about how our beliefs and values shape us. They make us who we are, but why?

(It was also really great to see a dear friend an mentor that I hadn’t seen in a long time. So nice to see you Carmen – see you next month!)

My favourite slide was titled: ‘Reflection: Conscious Beliefs’, and I wanted to share it’s questions and my answers

1. What do you believe about yourself?
– I am loyal, stubborn, resourceful, compassionate

2. What do you believe about other people?
– That they aren’t perfect (and that’s what I love about them!)

3. What do you believe about your life?
– It’s real

4. What do you believe your impact and influence on others is?
– Positive

5. What do you believe about leadership?
– It is earned

What are your answers?


It’s supposed to rain on Sunday, so I am determined to catch up on my summer posts. I have had so much to write about, but it’s like time just disappears. (And I am horrible at uploading my photos right away. :p ) Time for sleep.

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