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Cozy Things to Enjoy This Fall & Winter

Aside from the Brit (who gives the best hugs and is my personal furnace) and our wood-burning fireplace — neither of which are for sale — these are the things keeping me cozy and feeling hyggelig in 2020.

If you’ve followed me for a while here or on Instagram, you know I am all about hygge and being cozy. And this weird year multiplied that by a thousand. This isn’t a gift guide per say, but should it give you some cozy holiday season gift inspo, a big YAY to that!

Soft fabrics

From bamboo to merino wool to acrylic, I’m all about soft fabrics. I’m especially fond of soft turtlenecks — and I’ve essentially been living in this turtleneck sweater and this modal turtleneck (I have two) from Orb Clothing.

Knix also has some new loungewear items that have caught my eye. Use code my code KNIX10 at knix.ca for a #GetThrfity discount on your purchases.

Some other cozy favourites:

Let’s not forget about a blanket scarf, of which my favourites have not changed. Check out my favourites here.

*Psst! Be sure to listen to Daub + Design owner Lexi Soukoreff’s City Girl Talks episode where we chat about her COVID pivot and why her products are designed and manufactured in Vancouver.


When I was mostly unemployed back in the summer, I read A LOT. I would do the work I did have in the morning, peruse and apply for jobs via LinkedIn, and then curl up on the couch or sit out on our back patio for the afternoon with a cup of something lovely.

I was not lacking for book recommendations either, as my podcast guests had excellent suggestions this year. Check out that book list here! (No, I didn’t read all of them, but that’s my goal!)


For me, there’s nothing quite as a cozy as settling on the couch for some Downton Abbey or a movie with a glass of wine to my left, The Brit to my right, and the fireplace crackling away under the TV. Heaven.

Because she knows I love to savour a glass of wine, my friend Giulia at Town Hall Brands suggested I try both a splurge and #GetThrifty option for what The Brit and I call ‘Wine Thursday’ (more on that soon!)

  • Haywire Garnet Valley Ranch Pinot Noir ($34.90) – This was LOVELY. That’s all. But seriously, it’s a fab Pinot Noir and would make an excellent gift for someone.
  • Blue Grouse Q Quill White ($19.99) – I shared this wine last year over at this post. The Blue Grouse Quill wines are such good value for money. If you’re keen on mussels, this white pairs quite well with them.

**A big thank you to Town Hall Brands, Haywire and Blue Grouse for these lovely wines.


I must have been British in another life because I’ve got to have my cuppa… I genuinely cannot properly start my day with out a cup of tea. Earl Grey has been my favourite for a few years and I particularly love the Classic EG from Fortum & Mason in the UK. But I ran out back in September… (and I’m not paying $25 for shipping, I’m just not.)

Thankfully, there’s a place in Port Moody called The Refillery — they refill on household products, and they also sell some excellent EG options. (Thank you!)


As I’ve written before, I love a good candle. Between my morning meditation time and just being home more, I’ve burned through at least one soy candle a month since March. My current favourite is the Ember from Canvas Candle Co.‘s cozy collection.

***Psst! Canvas Candle Co. is owned by recent City Girl Talks guest Caylen Baker and fellow hygge enthusiast. Be sure to have a listen to her episode here.

Good food

I’m not advocating for eating your feelings, but I will say that I’ve eaten more bread and pasta, in 2020 than I have in the last five years. And dark chocolate and arugula — weird, I know. And we’ve been eating a fair amount of seafood — mussels are a particular favourite. (My mouth is actually watering now…)

***Keeping in mind that not everyone has the means to eat mussels and all the bread they want, I’m hosting a virtual food drive for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank until Christmas. If you are able, even a small donation can make a difference for a family in need this holiday season.


When the Brit asked me what I wanted for my birthday this year, I immediately sent the link for these Sorel slippers. I’ve had slipper envy for these ever since I saw my friend Karlie wearing them. They are cozy, a great colour and have a thicker sole than my previous non-Sorel pair. Be sure to size up from your regular shoes size so you can wear thick socks!

Feet up in slippers by the fireplace. Favourite cozy things

What are your favourite cozy things?

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