Cozy mittens scarf hygge Orb Clothing
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Hygge Gift Guide – My Favourite Cozy Things

Cozy mittens scarf hygge Orb Clothing

The temperature has officially gone from crisp to chilly in Victoria and I am here for it. It’s time to get cozy! I’ve loved unpacking and feeling hygge in all of my cozy sweaters and scarves, and my feet are such happy campers in my slippers.

Last autumn, I started a hygge journey for myself, and while I haven’t written about it in a while, I’m still on the train, and I’m never getting off. Until I became obsessed with hygge, I didn’t realize how much more I needed to slow down and how I still hd some work to do on the road to feeling good in myself.

Focusing on a year of hygge changed my yoga practice, refocused my goals, and improved both my relationship with myself and the Brit.  And none of those things was doing poorly. But they always need to be nurtured, so thank you, hygge. My hygge journey also made me get rid of a lot of stuff – as did the move! – because I have been trying very hard to get a bit more minimalistic. (Which is harder than I thought, so it’s very much a work in progress.)

In terms of stuff and that has stayed, here are a few of the hygge things I’ve been loving lately for myself, the Brit, and the apartment, plus some things I’m coveting. 90% of the below is under $100 CAD – #GetThrifty! – and great for stocking stuffers or as standalone Christmas gift options. So if you’re starting your shopping, here are some ideas!


Bring some hygge into your loved ones’ lives! Everyone likes to be cozy! If you have any questions about anything I’ve listed, post in the comments below or feel free to DM me on Instagram.


These are the sweaters I have on rotation right now. The Orb cardigan and mock neck are for sure coming with me to the UK for Christmas as I am never cold when I wear them. Same goes with my Sherpa wool and fleece tops. I actually have the ‘Brunette’ version of the Brunette burgundy crewneck shown below, but it is sold out. But the ‘fries before guys’ option is super cute!

Also make sure to check out these made in Canada options from a couple of my favourite Etsy shops.

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We have a lot. I blame my mum, but I’ll never say no to the socks she gives us!!

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Winter Accessories

In the last couple of years, I’ve turned into my mum: I now need to wear hats in the winter or I get a headache. My hands are also always cold, so I’m loving my mittens.

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Scarves get their own subheading – just because! More evidence of me being my mother’s daughter is my collection of pashminas and scarves. The pink Orb scarf I have on in this post is sold out, but the Aritzia blanket scarf I’ve added below is one of my favourites, and I have my eye on some of the below (*ahem* to the Brit 😉 ).

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Candles & Aromatherapy

I LOVE candles. Especially soy-based, lovely smelling candles. One of the silly reasons I am so excited to go to England for Christmas is that I can order my favourite Isle of Skye vanilla fig candle without having to pay a fortune in shipping. I’ve also got the Two Blooms (made in Victoria!) Bliss candle throwing its relaxing scent my way as I type this.

Something that we actually have two of is Saje’s scent diffusers. One of them was the first Christmas present the Brit ever got me and he did really well! It’s a great way to infuse your room or home with natural scent.

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These Sunshine Coast Slipper Factory scuffs were my birthday gift from the Brit, last year. They are the best!

A big thank you to Orb Clothing for the hygge pieces shown in this posts’ photos!

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“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” – Annie Dillard

  1. With the current Canada Post labour disruptions, I did some digging to sort out if most of the above can be purchased in a shop or have an alternate delivery option, so you should be covered!

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