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To connect or not to connect?

I have spent the last week in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to: Kythira Island in Greece. The purpose of my trip was for a Kundalini yoga teacher training retreat through Semperviva Yoga, which is a set of studios back home in Vancouver. It has been an AMAZING week. I come off the island having made a pack of fantastic new friends, eaten a lot of really good Greek food, and more importantly, learned a lot about myself (and that my brain does have an off switch for meditation after all) and a different kind of yoga that I previously hadn’t thought was for me. And I actually got a bit of a tan. See? Amazing on all levels.

Last day of walking on the beach. Yes, I did actually get in the sea, - more than once - but that's a story for another day.
Last day of walking on the beach. Yes, I did actually get in the sea, – more than once – but that’s a story for another day.

Gloria Latham is the director and owner of Semperviva (which is also where I recently finished my 200 hour RYT yoga teacher training), and one of the first things she suggested for the week was that, while there is wireless at our lovely hotel, it’s not super reliable, so why not disconnect from the outside world and electronics for the week? This sounded like a great idea for me, being the social media semi-junkie that I am. But then I got to my room and I had my own wireless router that was super reliable… To connect or not to connect?

I am proud to say that this was only a mild setback and despite the wireless access and my Europe travel pass for my phone, I didn’t post anything. For a week. Other than a quick “peace, out” when I got there and occasionally connecting with Sean via text, I didn’t do anything except upload photos to my blog server to go with the post drafts and ideas that I had ample opportunity to write. I loved it.


I had a really great dinner tonight in the town of Rafina, where I am staying the night before I fly back to Scotland tomorrow, but more about that later. Actually, one thing I will say about my dinner is that the tzatziki rocked my world. YUM.

The week must be catching up with me as I am starting to nod off at my computer. Kalinýchta!


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