#hockeyisback and #warehousesale = Happy Me

Today has a been a really great day for two main reasons. The first being what many people are all happy about: NHL #hockeyisback (to use the trending hashtag the NHL put out in to the Twitterverse)!!! I’m so excited about this because I love hockey and while WHL and AHL hockey were obviously still around, the games we not all televised and I’m not going to lie, I’m partial to my West Coast Canucks and East Coast Canadiens.

So I’m sitting watching Montreal rather unfortunately losing 2-0 on “Hockey Night in Canada” (I missed you Ron McLean and Don Cherry! Happy 60th HNIC season!) to Toronto halfway through the third period, waiting for the Canucks game to come on in a bit. My dinner is a bit haphazard: leftover yam soup, some prosciutto and bocconcini; accompanied by beet, celery, cucumber, apple, carrot, and kale juice, freshly juiced from Sean’s rather brilliant Christmas present to me. It’s a weird dinner, I know.

The only negative about the NHL being back up and going is that I have become a hockey widow again. Sean works audio for the Canucks on most home games and I have to say, aside from the regular, wonky hours of concert rigging (which obviously I am happy he does – we have to pay rent after all) – The Habs just scored a goal, woo hoo! – it was nice to have him around on what would have been game nights.

The other great thing about today was the lululemon Warehouse Sale (#warehousesale) – which actually made for HuffPost Canada content yesterday. I woke up early – which is a really big deal for me on a Saturday – so I could avoid lineups and chaotic stupidity that tend occur at events like this and I was pleasantly surprised by the entire experience. My shopping was successful, the prices were good, the husband has a new t-shirt, I waited in line for a grand overall total of 15 minutes (you have no idea how much I appreciated this luck) and I ran into an old friend (so nice to see you Nicole!). I believe the sale goes through to tomorrow (Sunday), so if you’re in the Lower Mainland, go check it out at BC Place. Info can be found here.


Nicely tying these two things that make me happy together, I present the image from lululemon’s home page that I just found while looking for the warehouse sale link.


Montreal lost 2-1 🙁 but it’s only the first game of the season… I’ve got my Canucks jersey on, I got some great deals, muffins are baking in the oven. I’m a happy girl.

Happy #hockeyisback, everyone!

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