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    Holiday Party Food and Easy Fig Dip

    In light of moving chaos, my annual open house is a no-go this year. The kitchen is a disaster. I don’t know that I’ve ever blogged about the holiday open house as Christmas time tends to get beyond busy… But we throw a good party involving BBQ’d turkey, lots of food and drink, and the apartment is stuffed to capacity with our friends. I love it. I am sad to not have that this year; but that hasn’t stopped me from thinking about party food!

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    100 and The Scent of a Cookie

    WordPress informed me last week that I had posted my 99th post, and I went on the thought path of wondering what my 100th blog post should be about. It seemed daunting – ridiculous, I know. I had a few draft posts but they weren’t milestone worthy. After a couple days, I decided I was thinking about it too much and let the thought go. And then while I was baking cookies last night, that distinct aroma hit my nose and the lightbulb went off; this is what 100 should be about: COOKIES. A few years ago, I first posted this recipe and as it was then, it is still my go-to…

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    Guest Post: London Calling – Ex-pat life and just going for it by Broad World

    I recently had dinner with my friend Stef, who I hadn’t seen in years but had stayed connected with through the wonders of technology. Thank you, Facebook. Stef is one of the most adventurous people I know. (Who else would semi-randomly move to Ghana??) Her most recent adventure has been living in London the past two years. Stef is also a blogger*, so while we were having a proper catch up over a delicious Asian fusion dinner at Wild Rice (on the Quay in my stomping grounds of New Westminster – check it out. Tasty stuff.), I asked her if she would do a guest post about her adventures as an ex-pat in London.…

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    Tokyo – Asakusa Market and Temple

    I’m finally getting photos organized from our Japan trip. Finally. Day 3 got off to a lazy start. There wasn’t really a plan aside from being at a certain place for dinner that night. We were originally going to go the National Museum of Japanese History, but it’s a couple hours away from the apartment. By the time we got ourselves together with a plan, it was later than we thought… Oops. 🙂 So the museum was tabled to later in the week and we got on the subway to go across the city to Asakusa for a visit to Sensoji Temple (also called Asakusa Kannon Temple), and nearby Skytree…

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    Tokyo – Day 2 – Chiba

    We took the bullet train to Kyoto yesterday, and are now back on the train and en route to Hiroshima. I am very impressed by, never mind how fast, but how quiet the cars are on the tracks. Like any mode of transport, there are some bumps, so if our friends and family get a postcard with slightly chicken scratch printing (note that my printing is already sub-par), sorry!  Day 1, was a half day of jet-lag induced haze, so I had to rely on my pictures to express myself. I’m on local time now, so let’s see how I go. 🙂 Something everyone told me before I got the…

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    Tokyo – Day 1 – Jet lag and randoms

    Every time I travel, I always marvel at the whole time zone thing. It kicks my butt. After waking up at 4:30 am on Saturday to fly to Calgary in order to catch a connecting flight to Tokyo – Makes sense to Air Canada but still not to me… Though it did get us here earlier… –  we landed in Japan on Sunday afternoon. With little sleep on the plane after an early morning, by the time we met up with Matt to go grab dinner after checking in to our apartment, jet lag had set in pretty deeply. I almost fell asleep in my plate. And wouldn’t that have…

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    Mexican Fiesta, Cilantro Salsa, Oscar Sunday

    It’s a rainy Vancouver Sunday, but it’s Oscar telecast day, so I am choosing to pretend that I am in (what I assume is) sunny California. I can’t wait to see the pretty dresses and the handsomely dressed men and to find out who wins what. (If Anne Hathaway doesn’t win for Best Supporting Actress for Les Miserables, something is wrong with the world.) I stayed in bed reading a bit longer than planned, but that’s what Sunday’s are for, right? Yesterday was actually quite nice out and we had our lovely friend Jen over for a Mexican fiesta of sorts. I absolutely LOVE Mexican food (as demonstrated by my…