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Terra’s Christmas Crack a.k.a. Almond Roca

Christmas Crack photo op before the vultures set in.

Last week, my friend Terra came in to the office with her famous ‘Christmas Crack’. The office literally stops for Christmas Crack. Calls are put on hold; people change direction. Those who normally work from home come in specifically just so they can get their savoury/sweet crunchy goodness fix.

It is a much anticipated annual holiday treat that we look forward to for weeks as Christmas approaches. Months, even. The container opens and people just KNOW to hightail it over. If you don’t get your butt off your chair in time, you might miss out. But don’t budge the line, or it will become the Hunger Games, people! It’s that good.

What, pray tell, is Terra’s Christmas Crack, you may ask? Well, TCC is homemade almond roca; a delicious, crunchy, simultaneously sweet and savoury treat. It is best served cold for optimum taste coma results. And for a week since she brought it in, all I’ve been thinking about is making it. And eating an entire batch. lol. (BOTH versions as she makes a non-almond version for our colleague, Shamni, who is allergic to tree nuts.)

Non-almond roca

Almond roca is new and intriguing baking territory that I may only explore once or twice. It looks daunting. I annually ask how she makes it, but Terra coyly says it’s her secret recipe. It’s the one time she bakes and it’s her thing. Respect. So, I got on Google and found a couple recipes that I plan on trying as soon as moving chaos is over in January. This recipe from Recipe Girl looks good, as do some on Yummly. Regardless, a challenge for 2015 and it looks like I need to buy a candy thermometer! Or maybe Santa will bring me one. 😉

Have you made almond roca before or have a version of Christmas Crack? Share the love!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Be safe. Have fun. Share joy.

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