Ep. 40 – Caylen Baker

Let’s talk about candles and hygge, COVID entrepreneurship, and getting past our ego with Caylen Baker from Canvas Candle Co.


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(Recorded July 17, 2020) My guest for this episode is Caylen Baker from Canvas Candle Co. Caylen and I chat about our mutual love of hygge, and she gives insight on the candle-making process and why phthalates are a big no-no. Caylen also shares the emotional ride COVID-19 has taken her on as an entrepreneur, and we talk about how a business decision she recently made helped me with one of my own.

Caylen is an entrepreneur based in the Vancouver area. As the owner of Canvas Candle Co., she’s passionate about giving customers an ethical sensory experience. While working in marketing in the “inside the box” golf industry, Caylen found she needed something to flex her creative muscles. And so Canvas Candle Co. was born! Caylen is also the dog-mum of an adorable Boston Terrier and avid fan of ice cream.

More info on the Canadian Romani Alliance can be found here.

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