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City Girl Connects: The Power of Collaboration and Community with Danielle Wiebe from The Business Babes Collective

Photo Credit: Vancity Business Babes

Community, collaboration, and mentorship are amazing things. But, on occasion, they are hard to find; particularly for female entrepreneurs. I’ve been fortunate to have found all three as I slowly – but surely – navigate my way into eventually being my own boss. Danielle Wiebe from the Business Babes Collective is a conduit for that hat trick via her amazing energy and entrepreneurial savvy.

Finding Focus and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Entrepreneurial isn’t an adjective I would have used to describe myself until last year. Even now, the word still makes me feel a bit nervous. To help me get over that and for some further learning, motivation, and inspiration, I recently participated in a four-week intensive program for female entrepreneurs called the Action Takers Club.

The ATC is an initiative started by Danielle as part of the Business Babes Collective and its founding chapter: Vancity Business Babes. Modules in the intensive include action taking, goal setting, networking, collaboration, marketing, advertising, social media, sales and more – some or all things that entrepreneurs may need help with.

Photo Credit: Vancity Business Babes

Like many quality things on the path to reaching goals, the ATC is an investment of time (four 7:30 am mornings!) and, of course, some money. But it was a worthy one! I came out of it feeling re-energized in my business goals for the rest for 2018 and for some exciting things in 2019.

Network for Your Net Worth

The Business Babes Collective is a global community of women founded on the ideas of supporting one another. Founding femme Danielle started the Vancouver chapter over three years ago, and there are now chapters in Victoria, Seattle, San Diego, and Toronto.

“Your network is your net worth.” ~ Unknown

With popular and affordable monthly morning mingles and evening networking events already in play (featuring local female entrepreneurs speaking on relevant topics) the Business Babes community is thriving. The Action Takers Club was formed as an extension dedicated to drilling down the keys to success in a supportive, more classroom-like environment.

The events I have attended are always full of fun, inspiration, motivation and learning, with the the ATC being a more intimate and focused version. Danielle is a ray of encouraging sunshine and positivity mixed with realism and groundedness – qualities that I believe make her the kind person and successful business woman that she is.

The Business Babes community and Danielle’s Vancouver team reflect this in spades. I have met so many lovely new friends and business contacts at these events and via the Business Babes social channels.

City Girl Connects

I recently sat down with Danielle to chat about why community and collaboration are the keys to entrepreneurial success:

WCCG: What is your professional background and what do you love about being an entrepreneur?

Danielle: One of my favourite things about being an entrepreneur is that I get to choose my own schedule and I get to choose what I say yes and no to!

WCCG: What is Vancity Business Babes and what gave you the idea to start it?

Danielle: I had started businesses of my own and also worked for my Mom when she started her business and I found that many women entrepreneurs felt lonely and did not have a community or opportunities to learn and network. I decided to start hosting events and over the years its grown into such a strong and thriving community. I feel very blessed.

Photo Credit: Vancity Business Babes

WCCG: Collaboration and supporting fellow entrepreneurs are key values within the VBB community. In your view, why is this important?1 response

Danielle: Collaboration and supporting others in business is absolutely essential. We can do so little on our own but we can do SO much when we work together and support one another!

WCCG: The Action Takers Club has been an incredible learning experience for me. What brought the idea of starting it to light?

Danielle: After 3 years of hosting events, I wanted to create something that would help Entrepreneurs take Action in their businesses and be able to focus on the actions in their business that drive results. I also knew the community needed something more intimate where they could bounce ideas around and get the accountability from the members in the group!

WCCG: Who, what, and where inspire you the most?

Danielle: Our community inspires me so much! I am also most inspired when I am outside in nature or in a bright clean space where I can dream up ideas!

WCCG: While inspiration is all well and good, what motivates you?

Danielle: For me I need accountability! When I know that others are counting on me, I don’t want to let them down. That motivates me to take action.

WCCG: I’ve started reading your mum’s book, Letters to my Daughters; Business Advice for Entrepreneurs, and I love that it addresses the questions that so many of us may have (all the what to do whens and how do Is, etc), but don’t necessarily feel we can/should ask.

Danielle: I’m so glad you are loving the book so far! Yes I agree, I think sometimes we feel like we have to find all the answers all on our own, which is so not true! Never be afraid to ask and share ideas!

WCCG: If you could give your 18 year old self three points of advice, what would those be?

Danielle: I would say: Stop what people think of you, you have God given strengths that you are meant to use to serve others, and don’t compare yourself. Everyone is on a different journey and the world needs you to step into your greatness!

Danielle and her fabulous team | Photo Credit: Vancity Business Babes


A big thank you to Danielle for her time and insight! The Action Takers Club is currently accepting applications for the November and Winter 2019 sessions (these fill up fast, so get your application in!) and if you’re in Vancouver, Toronto, Victoria, San Diego, or Seattle, be sure to sign up for Business Babes Collective email list in your city!

As always, opinions are my own.

“I guess what I’m saying is, let’s keep lifting each other up. It’s not lost on me that two of the biggest opportunities I’ve had to break into the next level were given to me by successful women in positions of power. If I’m ever in that position and you ask me, ‘Who?’ I’ll do my best to say, ‘You’ too. But in order to get there, you may have to break down the walls of whatever it is that’s holding you back first. Ignore the doubt — it’s not your friend — and just keep going, keep going, keep going.” ~  Lauren Graham


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