Vancouver Vitamin D Fix

Mother Nature’s plan for Vancouver’s Spring season has not yet included “Spring” weather. Lots of rain and chilly weather, and then last week, out came the sun and warm weather. None of the usual muggy in-between, which really we can all be thankful for, but transition is key between seasons for apparel purposes, etc.

I have a beautiful window view from my desk which is fortunate because being cooped up either in the office (day) and the theatre down the street (evening) Tuesday through Sunday of last week, I did not get to experience the gorgeous days. So when I saw the weather forecast for this week, I was determined to make up for lost weather enjoyment time.

The view from my desk.

Technology issues were rampant in my morning today and when my twice restarted laptop (PC, not Mac I might add) informed me that I had to restart yet again, this time for mandatory internal software updates just before lunch, I slathered on the SPF 30 and headed out for some much needed vitamin D.

I walked across the Cambie Street Bridge (a good 30 min walk) to run some errands – it was the first time in a week that I had an hour to myself that wasn’t sleep – I’m not kidding. So I was in my heaven. I live in a BEAUTIFUL city. Didn’t have my camera, so the iPhone doesn’t really do it justice, but to all the Albertans I know: I will take my mountains over your skies, ANY day. 🙂

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