Mastering the remote and craving lentils

I sit here surrounded by folded laundry and half-watching “My Life in Ruins” – a moderately (very moderately) good romantic comedy with Nia Vardalos – on Netflix. Watching it makes me want to go to Greece and reminds me of being on the bus in Paris with the army base Americans. Ah, tour groups. But I digress.

At some point, I think I’ve mentioned trying to navigate the Xbox to watch Netflix. The console baffles me to no end. Sean decided that this was a good excuse for a new toy – a universal remote that looks like it belongs in Star Trek. There are a lot of buttons and I feel like it will take me a month or more to figure it all out, (I’ve pushed the wrong button more times than I can count already) but it’s pretty neat. (Apparently, it is meant to make my electronic life easier, but I know he bought it because it has a screen and lots of buttons that he can program and play with. It seems that all our electronics were bought with me but really him in mind. Men. 😉 ) Wouldn’t it be nice to have a universal remote for life?

As soon as cleanse ended, I was ecstatic to have bread back. But the weirdest thing happened the other day, I had a craving for lentil soup. What the heck?!? So I hauled a Glad container of it out of the freezer and had it for lunch at work. Delicious but how very random of a thing to be craving…

Claire invited me to be her plus one for a great play last night – “August Osage County”, currently playing at the Stanley on Granville; Karin Konaval is AWESOME – and pre-show, she made a lovely roast chicken dinner for me and her friend Paul. We had a garbanzo bean and cilantro salad with goat cheese, and garlic mashed yams. All cleanse appropriate, which is ironic considering how we all gorged ourselves on Monday at Cactus Club. As hard as cleanse was, it’s funny how some of it is sticking…


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