It’s official, I can finally drive

On Thursday something amazing happened: I passed my road test. AAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!

After taking a break from learning to drive standard last summer (thank you, Kyle!), Sean randomly found me a driving school here in New West. It’s called Ladybug Driving and they are geared towards teaching women to drive. When I started, my instructor informed me that they don’t teach standard. And since I was such a bundle of nerves about driving – I cried during my first lesson with my instructor – learning automatic first would be the best thing to up my confidence. and easier on my brain. (Yes, Sean. You were right… So, thank you.)

On a slight tangent, I love the colour red and I love ladybugs so this was a perfect school for me.


So eleven months, some tears, many (MANY) hours of practice and expensive (worth it!) lessons, and one failed road test in July later, I finally have that shiny green N magnet for the back of whatever car I end up driving. I’m really proud of myself for conquering something that has giving me great anxiety for a long time. Driving is one of the most humbling and scary things I have ever done. I’m so grateful to friends and my in-laws for taking me practice driving, my two Ladybug instructors, Kaniz and Anna, and yes, I’m grateful to Sean who kept encouraging and poking at me to get my N so I could have a bit more independence.


Crossing one big goal of my list for the year feels amazing. My yoga teacher training is another thing that I have recently completed, but that’s another post and story. 🙂

Now, I can get back to learning to drive standard. Lots of yogic breathing for me! But I know I’ll be fine.

Time to finish cleaning up from last night’s annual holiday open house and prep some leftovers for dinner. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Happy Sunday night!

Driving Chronicles reboot and cherry pie

So, Mother Nature decided that the Lower Mainland is now allowed to have summer weather. We are in the mid 20‘s and not a cloud in the sky. It was a gorgeous day. I was finally able to make use of my wonderful Banana Republic wide-brimmed straw hat that I got on sale last month, and it was hot enough for one of my many sundresses to be worn. I actually ended up switching dresses midway through the day because I was in MEC and found a really lovely sundress called the Twirl and I liked it so much that I wanted to wear it out the door. So they scanned the tag on me, cut it, and out I went.

Not only was today a big day because of the weather and the subsequent wardrobe happiness it provided me. Today was also a big day as I am now allowed to learn to drive again – thank you, ICBC. The Driving Chronicles go back to me at age 16 and are a long story for another post(s), but I feel the need to share that I have re-obtained my learner’s permit because I am very proud and very determined to get my “N”, or rather, the first license in BC’s graduated licensing program before the end of the year. Sharing this is my way of holding myself accountable.

On to cherry pie. Or almost. I am sitting at our friend Geoff’s beautiful new wood dining room table with a lovely glass of 2007 Ste. Michelle (Washington) Cabernet Sauvignon thinking that I should have had Sean bring the rest of said cherry pie – it turned out quite good. But that means more for us at home.

Sean just arrived and Geoff is running around cleaning as he is having us and some others over for a belated mini-housewarming. I am relaxed. Hear my sigh of contentment. Okay, now on to cherry pie.

A couple weeks ago, a recipe for cherry pie landed in my inbox from one of my favourite blogs, Not Without Salt. I capital L-O-V-E cherries so this was very exciting for me. I filed it away for when I happened upon some cherries worthy of a pie. It’s cherry season so I didn’t have to wait long. Last week, Whole Foods had some lovely Okanagan cherries.

I grabbed a couple of bags and the next evening, I started pitting cherries while Sean made dinner. If you’ve ever pitted cherries, you may have a cherry pitter (which is now on my list of things to buy), but apparently even that’s almost as messy as doing it by hand with a butter knife and my fingers – like I did. (My fingernails and the surrounding skin are only now starting not to look like I did a poor job of cleaning up after committing mass murder.) Either way it’s time consuming, but oddly satisfying.

Those cherries didn’t stand a chance!

Next time I make this cherry filling – which was really, really, good – I will make the pastry recipe that was posted with it. It’s a bit more complex and I didn’t have all the time, so I went with what I knew (from – makes the BEST apple pie EVER) but baked for the time on the NWS recipe.

Not my best pastry lattice work but by that point, it was getting late. The pie was good, so that’s really what maters. 🙂

And now, time to have some red snapper with the guys. Happy Sunny Saturday, everyone!