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Christmas Party Outfit Staples (Already in your wardrobe!)

That pesky virus is well on its way out, and festive parties are something to look forward to again. Bonfire nights, house and staff parties, family gatherings, and Christmas markets await. But just as we’re feeling excited, a recession has made itself comfortable — especially in the UK. Which possibly means not purchasing a fab new Christmas party outfit. (Even with recent Black Friday deals!)

But I have amazing news for you and your budget: you already own your holiday season party outfit(s). I know this because I did a deep dive into my own closet for a non-Christmas party we recently went to. And I would wear that outfit (a nice sleeveless top, leather leggings, relaxed black blazer, dress sandals) to a holiday party in a pinch.

You already own your Christmas party outfits (I promise!)

A new party outfit might be out of the question, but I promise you that you already have at least 2-3 Christmas party outfits in your closet. It’s time to #GetThrifty and take stock of your existing wardrobe. Open up your closet and I’m positive you will find at some, if not all, of the following items (most of which mix and match beautifully):

  • Faux leather leggings
  • Black blazer
  • Cosy sweater (or a black turtleneck)
  • Jumpsuit
  • Sleeveless dress
  • Sleeveless top
  • Pencil or midi skirt
  • Trainers/sneakers
  • Dress sandals
  • Knee-high boots
  • Chelsea or ankle boots

In case you’re missing any of the above, I’ve linked to some affordable, quality options below. (Each image is linked.) They are reasonably priced, and I either personally own them or have heard good things. This is your Christmas party capsule wardrobe, plus a little sparkle that you *might* want to add to the mix.

Faux leather leggings 

Liquid leggings go with almost everything and give an outfit a bit of a classy edge. And quality lasts, my friends. I’ve had my Aritzia Daria leggings for 8(!) years now, and I’ve only recently had to replace them because they’ve started to peel. I’m devastated, because they are fab. But I found two new pairs (both under £25!) from Jaki London and Marks & Spencer.

If I were on the hunt for another pair, Cheshire-based brand Sosandar also has some liquid leggings and coated jeans that look great.


Like a pair of faux leather leggings, a black (or any) blazer can add a little je ne sais quoi to an outfit. Case in point, see the image below for my outfit inspo for an upcoming Christmas dinner a.k.a. ladies’ night out with my neighbours.

Christmas party outfit inspiration from Marks & Spencer
Image via Marks & Spencer

Cosy sweater

On this side of the pond a sweater is inexplicably called a jumper, but that doesn’t make them any less cosy. Pair a jumper or a turtleneck with the aforementioned faux leather leggings (or skinny jeans) for an outfit that can go with almost any footwear option


I adore a jumpsuit. They go with everything and make an amazing alternative to a dress. Pop a tailored black blazer over it and you’re good to go. That’s all.

Work Dress or Skirt 

Unless your party is black tie, I highly recommend wearing your nicest work dress; or a stellar pencil skirt with a pretty sleeveless top or turtleneck. Shoe choices vary and you can dress things up with some sparkly jewelry.


Nice sleeveless top

This is probably the most versatile piece in your wardrobe. A fab sleeveless top goes with jeans, leather leggings, skirts, you name it.


I would say that 99.99999% of us have a pair of jeans that makes us feel absolutely fabulous. And they can be dressed up or down to our heart’s delight. (Versatility is important!) For me, it’s a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. Perfect for a family gathering, or a more smart-casual work party, your jeans are your best friend. 


The only option I don’t have in my wardrobe is a pair of black Chelsea boots. That’s a next year purchase, but you better believe my chucks, dress sandals and knee-high boots are paying for themselves even more now that it’s okay to go socialise and have fun again.

So there you have it, the makings of a some fantastic Christmas party outfits. And you already own them! Add some statement jewelry and a clutch handbag and you’re good to go. And yes, you probably also already have these in your arsenal. If you do buy anything for party season, you can never go wrong with some sparkle.

Happy holidays, friends!

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