Ep. 26 – Lexi Soukoreff

Let’s talk about social connections, getting thrifty in COVID-19 and finding beauty in imperfection with Lexi Soukoreff from Daub + Design.

This week’s guest is Lexi Soukoreff, owner and designer of Daub + Design, also known as Daub. Daub is a Vancouver-based clothing company with a focus on small-batch hand-dyed or printed activewear and sustainable basics for your closet. (Made in Vancouver!) If you were at a Canadian design or craft market last year, you may have seen Lexi greeting customers with her sunny smile and beautiful garments. Lexi’s sewing team also just started making non-medical masks to support the Vancouver community and those are now for sale on the Daub + Design website.

In this episode, we go deep into social connections, mindful spending and good habits — plus Lexi shares her design process and how she had to think fast to switch up the launch of her Spring 2020 collection (thanks, COVID-19). We also chat about being okay with imperfection and appreciating the sudden space we have to feel, process, get things done or just slow the heck down. I think you’ll enjoy this conversation.

Connect with Lexi on Instagram and on the Daub + Design website.

Lexi’s #GetThrifty tips:

  • No more coffee to go and bring a snack
  • Meal prep 
  • Buy less, but buy better (or as my father says “quality over quantity”)

Books talked about in this episode:

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