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Looking Back at a Paris Birthday

I recently celebrated my 32nd(!) birthday. In 2013, I didn’t have time or energy to write about 30. In 2014, I didn’t have a functioning laptop while I was away to write about 31. But this year, for 32, I took the time to reflect – possibly because unlike 30 and 31, I’m feeling a little shaky about 32.

I’ve had to think about that. Why has this number been bugging me? And I’ve realized that I am both nervous and (more so) excited about the coming year. The last 11-12 months of my life been… Challenging. Actually, at least 75% of that time sucked. A lot. But it got better as the year went and I am so proud of myself for the work on and for myself that I put in to get through the chaos and am forever grateful for the support of my friends and family.

With any birthday, at least for me, I like to do something fun, eat, and be with people I love and enjoy. This time last year, I was in Paris with a few girlfriends. Can I say that this is the way a girl needs to celebrate her birthday, at least once in her lifetime?? Oui, oui, Paris!


My big thing for Paris, aside from walking everywhere and stuffing myself with pain au chocolat and red wine, was to climb the steps of the Eiffel Tower on my birthday. I dislike stairs so very much but this was a bucket list item I had to cross off. The girls were game, so up we went – all 669 steps until we had to take the mandatory elevator. Best view in the city, and so worth the climb.

Get Thrifty: If you take the stairs, you save a few Euros AND get your steps in. 

We also went to the Marché Bastille – which I highly recommend as a thing to do in Paris. It is basically the grand-papa of all outdoor farmers’ markets. It is only open on Thursdays and Sundays from 7am to early afternoon, and is, if anything, the most fabulous place to people watch. I also purchased the best eggs I have ever made an omelette with. Ever.


As an adult, I’ve been mostly indifferent about my birthday other than I love getting together with favourite people to eat, drink and catch up. Presents are nice, but really, the biggest gift is that I get to see the people I enjoy the most. A Corsican restaurant called L’Alivi (27 Rue du Roi de Sicile, Paris) was recommended to me by a friend from Scotland, and it was AMAZING.

Get Thrifty: Get the prix fixe menu. Great value for incredible food. 


I was in Paris. Treat of all treats. Something I wish I had treated myself to was a cake. I missed having an ice cream cake for my birthday. But again, I was in Paris.


This year, I missed Paris (who wouldn’t??), but I purposefully chose not to have a cake again, and I didn’t miss that. I ate with my friends, took them to a Kundalini class (brave souls!), ate some more, and went home to sleep feeling full and whole. It was a fantastic day.

Next year possibly needs to be another birthday abroad, but that’s a decision for 2016. 🙂

“Paris is always a good idea.” ~ Audrey Hepburn

(And Audrey was always right.)

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  • Allisen

    Happy belated – I also just celebrated mine (46, not so much fun as 32 lol) so we’re both Libras 🙂 Hope things are well with you!

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