Sticking to the basics

In comparison to last year’s cleanse, day one of OHAC has been non-traumatic. Maybe because I sort of know what to expect and am better prepared this time ’round. I didn’t try to do anything fancy, just stuck with the basics; and it was a stress-free day.

I made my breakfast protein muffins last night using the gluten-free mix, and aside from one very minor thing, they turned out fantastic. The minor thing was that the muffin liner was just not wanting to come off. I’m thinking that I either a) Buy different liners as I’m almost out anyhow; b) Grease the muffin tin and let them be au naturel; or c) No or less xanthan gum next time because I’m thinking that affected things a bit. It may have made the batter too sticky for the liners.

Stubborn muffin liner... It came off eventually.

So for this batch, we will be ingesting a bit of recycled paper from the liners – only the bits that just wouldn’t come off the darn muffins. I’m also thinking that my oat bran might have a touch of gluten in it (no guarantee unless it says gluten free – oat bran is often made in close quarters or with the same machines as wheat products) but that was the last of what I had so off to the gluten-free store I go later this week. Always a work in progress…

I had a previously scheduled work lunch today but we ate in the cafeteria so my having brought my lunch with me was not so odd. My lunch companion was very intrigued by my quinoa, red pepper, cucumber, and leafy herbs salad – isn’t it funny what we humans think is neat sometimes? That being said, I was very intrigued by the smell of what I know to be really good paninis. Ah, bread and butter. Sigh.

Tonight’s dinner was fresh grilled halibut (grilled by yours truly – I’m learning) with this lovely chickpea and kale dish that I got from a blog I love called Not Without Salt. She actually uses spinach in her recipe but I had some kale the first time I tried it, and it turned out beautifully.

CHICKPEAS & GREENS (As adapted from the Harissa Chickpeas with Spinach recipe from Ashley Rodriquez at Not Without Salt)

  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 garlic cloves, roughly chopped
  • 1 15oz can chickpeas (garbanzo beans) rinsed and drained
  • 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1 tbspchopped, fresh mint
  • 2 cups fresh, rinsed spinach or kale (roughly chopped)

Add olive oil to to a medium saute pan, saute garlic until fragrant and golden, about two mintues. Stir in chickpeas and salt then simmer mixture for about 5 minutes – until any liquid has evaporated and chickpeas are tender. Turn off heat and toss in mint and spinach. Stir and let the residual heat wilt the spinach slightly.

Serve immediately with a big scoop of greek or plain yogurt – as I’m on OHAC, this was a no-no, but from experience, it’s delicious! Ashley also uses a fancy spice called harissa that I will one day find and try.

Sean's Plate - he got to have yogurt. I'm jealous...

On a different topic, I logged on to write this post and noticed a huge spike in views of a post that is over a year old from last year’s cleanse. I guess when I opened it to check something and then clicked save an close, it re-posted. Oops. So if anyone read that thinking it was new, I blame technology. 🙂

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