Cardboard, Cabernet and 2OT – welcome back Clarence Campbell!

I have to say, I’m really glad I’ve been cozily ensconced in our cardboard box filled apartment all night. Only I had to experience me up to my ears in cardboard and bins, packing away our possessions – we have SO MUCH glassware  and books – in prep for our move on Saturday (while my husband works follow spot at the game, no less, but that’s okay, he was feeling the stress too, up in his perch!) – constantly craning my neck to see the TV and finally ending up on the couch breathing in and out through my nose, attempting a calming Ujjayi breath during 2OT. Thank goodness for the distraction of packing (never thought I would say that), a nice, big glass of red and a really, really good thin crust pizza from Panago.

Kevin Bieksa, thank you for allowing my blood pressure to finally lower. You are my hero for sending us to the FINAL and for preventing a slew of emails tomorrow morning asking if I can move a Thursday work movie screening of the new “Pirates” movie (that was booked over a month ago) because the now moot Game 6 is happening in San Jose. THANK YOU. Clarence Campbell is now back in Vancouver and now perhaps, perhaps… I can’t even type or think it. All I can say is that I BELIEVE. I feel it in my bones – it’s our year.

Random trivia: Did you know Steve Nash’s sister is married to Manny Malhotra? Go figure. Manny’s appearance on the bench post-win almost put me in tear shedding mode – as if I wasn’t already close to that.

Some people are shocked
when they learn that I LOVE hockey; never mind the fact that I worked for a hockey team (already a shock to some, since I was mostly known as a dancer/girly girl) – and have a Memorial Cup ring to show for it, no less. I’m still a girly-girl, but I love hockey. I remember, a few years ago, sitting in an arena box at what is now called Rogers Arena, with the guy I was dating at the time and with some work people. They knew I did game day stuff at the Coliseum, but they certainly didn’t expect me to yell “Shoot the fricking puck!!!” at the top of my lungs, down at the Sedins. (I have issues with unnecessary passing that I will not get into right now.)  I hollered that at least once this evening. The neighbours didn’t mind, they were louder than me. 😉

By the time the Finals start, we will be settled in the new apartment and I will be experimenting with some game-day recipes. (Hello, big kitchen!!) I don’t know how to express how done I am with boxes and how exited I am about the Canucks getting into the Finals. There are no words

As I calm down form that post-game high, I sit here watching the PVR – something on a different end of the spectrum: “Dancing with the Stars” – Kirstie Alley has been my favourite so far, but I think Hines Ward is going to take it. Those American footballers have some rhythm. And he’s just so darn adorable.

Limes were going to be the topic of my next post, but the weather has not lived up to that expectation. When the temperature finally hits margarita worthiness, lime recipes will appear. I made a kick-butt key lime pie the other day.

Night all. We’re going to the Finals!!!!!!!!! (The house is in chaos, but we won the game!!)

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