Early morning TV

After making what turns out to be a good decision to not wake up at 2:45 am to watch the Royal Wedding live – not good to do a drastically early morning when you’re beyond exhausted – I sit here at 6:30 am watching the recording of Kate and Prince William getting married. (People in NYC were up at the much more decent 5:45 am EST, all dressed up and sitting in Times Square. Crazy.) This is an event I have been looking forward to since, well, since before they got engaged. Almost as much as my own wedding last year! My granny was big into the Royal Family and because of that I have always been fascinated the royal families of the world. But like many girls around the world, I used to have a big crush on the prince. And what better person for him to marry than his best friend – pretty much the girl next door?

And that girl looked STUNNING. Best wedding dress EVER. (Aside from my wedding dress of course, mind you this is a much fancier occasion. 😉 ) I was talking with my manager the other day and she and I both said that the train was mandatory. You get married in a cathedral, you have a train on your dress. And she did. The dress (lace sleeve overlay, full skirt, cinched strapless bodice, 12 ft (?) train, fingertip length veil – can you tell I recently got married?)and tiara were classy, timeless and so beautifully simple. All I could do was sigh when I saw the dress. And then there was her dashing prince. Nothing like a man in uniform – now that’s an accessory. He looked so elated when he saw her.

Harry looked like he didn’t brush his hair this morning, but he also looked dashing. Kate’s sister Pippa wore a simple white dress that looked fab on her but didn’t overshadow her sister. Wow, I am sounding like the commentators. But you watched it, you know. Lots of fascinators (those silly hats that look like they’re about to jump off someone’s head or poke a person’s eye out) and lovely dresses. Great venue, lots of choral singing. A classic British wedding. (If you haven’t seen “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, buy it, download it, whatever. Because of that movie, I know all the hymns being sung this morning.) There was lots of pomp and circumstance (longest car ride of her life, getting to that church, I bet – nerve-wracking!) but you could tell they did it their way. It wasn’t a state wedding, so they had some freedom, I think. His mom would probably be extremely proud. That being said, British weddings are LONG, and Wills and Kate were starting to look a bit bored perched on their chairs.

The archbishop(?) started his speech with a great quote from St. Catherine of Sienna:

“Be who God meant you to be, and you will set the world on fire.”

(Take from that what you will, but I believe everyone has a purpose in life. They don’t always know it, if ever. I’m not totally sure of mine yet, but I’ll know when I find it. It’s definitely not to spend a month beings sick. I recently – finally – finished getting through four weeks of a bad chest cold (lots of tea, codeine cough syrup, and the inevitable round of antibiotics that knocked me off my butt for a week). Longest month of my life. )

Today, the powers that be have me going back to my roots and doing wardrobe for “Fiddler on the Roof” for three days at The Centre. Should be fun – I’ve worked some extra hours the last two weeks in order to take the day off today so that I can work at the theatre. Wonky, right? But I’m getting paid, and that works for me. So off for some yoga – I’ve now seen the carriage ride, the mandatory public kiss (kind of short and proper, but I think she’s so worried about how people will react to things) and the fly by (yay TLC for getting the first shot!), so I’m good – and to get ready to run around with costumes.

Congrats Will and Kate! Good for you for doing it your way. It was lovely, it didn’t rain, and you both looked so happy.

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