Getting around the wall for bread and cheese, not crashing into it

As we prepare to enter Days 8-10 which involve nothing but vegetables for 72 hours, I find myself thinking about the top two things that I miss A LOT right now:

1. BREAD – I nearly cried when the bread basket was put in front of me at Joe Forte’s last Tuesday – it smelled SO good. Kamut and spelt (wheat alternatives) loafs smell good, but they are small and just aren’t, well, bread. This morning’s berry smoothie was accompanied by two pieces of spelt flour toast with honey and I pretended it was my cinnamon raisin bagel with peanut butter – it didn’t work. I don’t eat a lot of bread per say, but I love me a good bagel and I’ve been known to buy tortillas and nice fluffy baguettes (for Sean’s fabulous garlic bread). I would really love to sink my teeth in my Joeys ahi tuna club sandwich. But all these things have wheat in them – the top no-no of the cleanse.

2. CHEESE – I would do almost anything for a slice of pizza heaped with mozzarella or some creamy macaroni and cheese.  (Pasta is something else I miss a lot, which could have been avoided, but not being able to have eggs and starch put a damper on experimenting with making different kinds of noodles this past week.) If you look at your diet, you will probably see that cheese plays a pivotal supporting role. There is a reason that there is a marketing campaign tag-lined “All you need is cheese!”

Sean and I each miss the above so much that I searched and searched until I found a simple Kamut flour tortilla recipe and broke down and bought soy mozzarella – which, believe it or not, actually tastes like real mozzarella. The burritos turned out so well and as burritos should be, a little messy. We were happy campers.

And now to make mashed yams for tomorrow’s breakfast – we’re told they taste good with cinnamon so we’ll see how that goes. I love mashed yams, but it’s going to be a long three days. 😉


Spicy Turkey and Red Pepper Kamut Burritos


Kamut Flour Tortillas


  • 2 – 3  Cups KAMUT® Khorasan Flour (can be found at Whole Foods; 2 1/2  cups works fine)
  • 1 Teaspoon Sea Salt
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Baking Powder
  • 1 Cup Warm Water
  • 1/4 Cup Oil of choice


Combine water and oil in mixing bowl. Add in the dry ingredients, mix well and knead lightly. Let dough rest 10 minutes. Divide dough into 10 balls. Roll out each tortilla very thinly on a floured pastry cloth or on a floured board or counter. In an ungreased hot skillet cook on one side until bubbles form then turn over. Cook on other side until brown “freckles” appear. Bubbling and air pockets can be accentuated by pressing down with a dry cloth after it has been turned over. Store in plastic bag to keep soft. Makes 10 tortillas.

Burrito Filling

  • Leftover turkey – however much you have or choose to use
  • Enough gravy (see below) to accommodate the amount of turkey you use
  • 1 large red pepper and half of one large white onion, sautéed (onion first) in olive oil with a dash of chili powder
  • Soy cheese (however many packages needed for the amount of burritos being made)

Sean’s Spicy Gravy


  • Vegetable broth
  • Kamut flour
  • Pure apple juice
  • Salt, pepper, chili powder and a pinch of


As previously mentioned, Sean is very “a bit of this and a dash of that”, so I can’t really specify quantities for the above list of ingredients. Enough gravy should be made to accommodate as a thick bath for the turkey being used. Use a large pot or sauce pan.

Before gravy is ready, add the turkey to the gravy bath. The juice from the turkey will run into the mixture and help the gravy thicken,

After a few minutes, add the sautéed onion and red pepper to the mix and let simmer.

Pile on to the tortillas, wrap them up and enjoy!

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