Tomatoes, the health crisis and turkey dinner

I am patiently (sort of) waiting for the skytrain from our Burnaby office that I am on to get going again – ah, delays. Anyhow, Day 5 and there I am at Moxie’s with Rebecca, one of my best girlfriends, for her birthday lunch. I had looked at the menu online this morning and carefully selected my meal – Chipotle Mango Chicken – grilled. Upon asking, it seems that there is no sugar in the rub for the chicken, just spices. Awesome. It came with rice, which wasn’t brown, so that hwas a wash, but also with avocado, mango slices, steamed broccoli and a lovely fresh salsa.

It was delicious. And as I’m eating said delicious meal, I am reading the cleanse list to Rebecca. And what does it say but “all vegetables but potatoes, tomatoes and corn,” – Wait, what? Tomatoes. Crap. Of course by this point I’ve already had the salsa. I almost never eat tomatoes except in fresh salsa and pasta/pizza sauce – I guess we aren’t going to do our vegan pizza with tomato sauce on the weekend :s. Maybe homemade pesto… – so this was all rather ironic. Slap on the wrist for me for not remembering tomatoes were a no go. But I’ve been very diligent and I think I get least one pass. This is a learning experience and if I don’t make a mistake then it’s just not an “experience”.

On the topic of vegetables, despite eating more veggies in the past 4 days than I do in a span of 2 weeks, and the fact that I am eating super healthy and drinking gallons of water, I have been feeling off kilter. (And it’s not just because I’ve been stripped of my morning bagel.) After some googling, it turns out that I am going through a health crisis – a common thing for people on a long cleanse. My body is in shock and this explains a lot.

But after further pondering, I realized that this also how I feel when I run out of my multivitamin and forget to buy more for four days. My face breaks out a bit (not cool) and my energy is just meh. Now, vitamin supplements are not allowed on this cleanse but I’m assuming that this is because many have traces of dairy, wheat, yeast, and all the things that ate a no-no on the program. So last night, I got the bottle out and there is no dairy, wheat or any of the no-no’s in my multivitamin. So, I took two and guess what? I woke up this morning feeling MUCH better. Sean has decided that this means he has “won” the cleanse (such a boy reaction) and that I’ve cheated but there aren’t any of the forbiddens in my faithful capsules of health so I’m putting my high heeled foot down. This is what my work friend Janice would say is going around or climbing the wall instead of crashing into it. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for a health crisis. 😉

Tonight Sean and I are making turkey dinner for our friends Matt and Dori, John – a new friend from work, and Claire – who got us started with his cleanse business. Everything will be according to cleanse – even the stuffing and my apple pie – so it will be an interesting meal.

Sean is home with the turkey and I am en route to Whole Foods Cambie to do a last minute grocery shop at my current second home – Whole Foods. I swear I will probably know that place by heart at the end of this.

And my train is still at a stand still. This is a time where I wish I could apparate Hogwarts style to where I need to go. If J.K. Rowling ruled the world… At least I have a book.

Happy Friday!!

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