Temptation – I CAN resist

Have you ever had the bread at Joe Forte’s? It is GOOD. Like beyond good. And it smells divine and when the basket got placed smack where I was sitting at a work dinner, I managed not to a) drool or b) grab a piece soak it in the lobster infused olive oil/balsamic mix and wolf it down. Same with the yummy wraps and desserts (I swear the chocolate brownie was sticking it’s imaginary tongue out at me) in the catered lunch that I ordered for today’s off-site meeting. I was a good girl an ate my salad with deli turkey and because I forgot my faithful trail mix, I just ate more salad. And for my mini dinner at Joe’s I had some really lovely oysters and a half order of the Spa Salad with chick peas but sans tofu. (I just can’t bring myself to eat it. I just can’t.) I had a brief sniff of the cab blend that was ordered and just sighed. Claire tells me not to feel disheartened but OMG, I wanted that glass of wine.

Post-Joe Forte’s, I bought some fresh halibut at Urban Fare to go with the planned mashed yam stuffed rice pasta ravioli. Well, the pasta recipe is not being published on this blog because it was a spectacular failure. lol. But I made makeshift dumplings and Sean boiled some and fried some. The dumplings were mediocre at best – not for lack of trying but I’m not trying that recipe with rice flour ever again. Or perhaps, since the dumplings were somewhat bread-like, I will attempt tortillas… Anyhow, the fish was very good and it was accompanied by a spinach, blueberry and cucumber salad.

And now I sit here with a castor oil pack and hot water bottle on my stomach contemplating the menu for the next couple of days. Made a rice flour blueberry cake this evening as the breakfast muffins are now long gone. Sean works all day/evening tomorrow so he is going to have to visit a Jugo Juice for some smoothies. My plan is to make soup tomorrow, which I am relieved to say does not involve anything fancy dancy – just lentils and vegetables; and I am going to attempt home made tortillas.

On the plus side, I have eaten about 5 days worth of veggies in the last 48 hours and actually feel better for it. And now, sleep so I can dream of eating that damn brownie.

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