Chalet Wednesday

So there I was sitting in the first of two very long Wednesday meetings –diligently typing out action items and doing some calendaring and what pops into my brain?

“I wish I was at a ski chalet, sitting snug in front of a snappy wood fire with a good book and a big mug of tea or hot cocoa in my hands. “

Not even “I wish I was on a beach with a margarita or Corona in my hand,” – which at least would be a normal winter thought for me.

I don’t ski or snowboard and I have never been to a proper ski chalet in the winter, so where did this thought come from? (In reality, if I was to be at a ski chalet, I would be waiting for my hubby to return – with a nice hot mug of either warm drink awaiting his consumption – from doing said outdoor sports while I stay warm inside – maybe after trying skiing since I’ve never done it before.) Well, it snowed overnight and there I was sitting in my meeting in leggings, a lovely new chunky sweater dress from Mexx (I <3 end of season sales) and my fantastic new black Kodiak knee-highs (3/4” rubber heel, waterproof leather, tread on the bottom – no slipping for me!). Maybe my outfit, though chosen for practicality and warmth, has affected my thought pattern? I know this all sounds rather fluffy and a matter of no substance whatsoever, but all I know is that my hubby and I are both home this evening and I will be making chocolat chaud from scratch.

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