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    10 Stretches to Keep Your Body Happy While Travelling

    Travel can be hard on the body. You know what I mean. Stiff neck from falling sleeping with your head at a weird angle (even with a neck pillow!) Sore back and shoulders from sitting in the awkward seats. Tight legs and hips from sitting too long. Hands and feet feeling heavy. The interesting thing is that you can feel much of the same after playing tourist and being on your feet all day. Go figure. So what can you do about it? One word: stretch. The below are some easy stretches* you can do while en route or in your accommodations — no yoga mat necessary. These travel yoga stretches…

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    Why I’ll Never Have a Capsule Wardrobe, But Why It’s the Perfect Way to Pack

    Since recently finishing paying off all my debt, one the of the things I have been enjoying is updating my wardrobe – to do a much-needed refresh without completely affecting my budget. (And not always feeling like I had to #getthrifty – though I still do! – and buy everything on sale.) I like to shop with purpose and a capsule wardrobe has always intrigued me, so my friends at Vancouver’s Orb Clothing challenged me to get back to basics and do just that with some staples from their fall/winter collection.

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    11 Summer Road Trip Essentials You Need in Your Car

    The last few years have been full of road trips. I think I’ve been on seven in the last two years – including last year’s Highlands trip with the girls, and the recent trip the Brit and I took along BC’s Coastal Circle Route to meet some #friendsinbeerplaces. (More on that soon!) Because of this, I’ve got my road trip essentials down pat.

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    My Travel Essentials

    I’ve become a seasoned enough traveller over the years that I’ve (mostly) figured out exactly what works for me. I’m constantly streamlining and trying to make things easier for myself, but there are some absolute essentials. I’ve divided it out into the things that keep me well, things I wear, technology related items, and the practical things that keep me sane. This list will be updated every few months to reflect new discoveries and/or updated links. WELLNESS | WEARABLES | ELECTRONICS | PRACTICALITY (Click to jump to a section.) WELLNESS The things that keep me healthy and happy: Travel Yoga Mat You knew this was going to be the first thing…