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Tokyo – Day 1 – Jet lag and randoms

Every time I travel, I always marvel at the whole time zone thing. It kicks my butt. After waking up at 4:30 am on Saturday to fly to Calgary in order to catch a connecting flight to Tokyo – Makes sense to Air Canada but still not to me… Though it did get us here earlier… –  we landed in Japan on Sunday afternoon. With little sleep on the plane after an early morning, by the time we met up with Matt to go grab dinner after checking in to our apartment, jet lag had set in pretty deeply. I almost fell asleep in my plate. And wouldn’t that have been graceful?

But before my brain batteries started to die, I managed to visually absorb the following for Day 1. Nothing deep. Just some randoms and standards. It’s getting more interesting every day and I’m loving it:

He very rarely sleeps on the plane. This was a big deal.

The second memory I have of Narita Airport is this vaguely creepy and trippy welcome “hologram” before you get to customs.



5¥ coin


The life recharge: glass of water, plug in phone, send parents an email to let them know we are alive.
I forgot my travel face wash at home by accident. And so ensued this drug store visit. After looking at almost every container I thought was face wash, I chose one, and my face is happy. That’s all that matters.



The Homas – really lovely friends of Matt’s. Their first impression of me was a very tired girl who nearly fell asleep in her food. I will redeem myself in a few days.
Tonkatsu dinner at MAISEN ( – YUM. It’s one of my favourite Japanese dishes. I will not be able to eat tonkatsu in Canada ever again. This was AMAZING.
Homa-san and Matt
What has become my daily snack
I wonder if the priority folks also have to turn off their mobiles…

Time to go play tourist.

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